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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Magic sounds like 'Digging Your Scene' or a Valium paced version of her own 'Things Can Only Get Better'.
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  2. I just hope all the possible new tracks don't get sidelined like on the last Steps tour when they toured for two albums worth of new material. There are so many Disco tracks deserving of being played live.
  3. The sheer quantity of excellent songs that Kylie has does make me think how she can pull it off.

    That said, Kylie’s tour medleys are exceptional.
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  4. And a few that certainly are not.


    I want a full on spectacle for Say Something though, extended version starting off acoustic and just building up to a fully produced, choir backed gay rights extravaganza.
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  5. There are maybe 3 tracks on Disco that wouldn’t go off live which is a pretty phenomenal hit rate.
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  6. I'm suddenly obsessed with Fine Wine.

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  7. Yes! It's... of course... a totally disposable bonus track, but it quickly became an undeniable camp earworm for me. I kinda hope it would (briefly) make into a medley in the eventual tour.
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  8. It's up there with Lost Without You and Sleeping With The Enemy as great recentish Kylie Bonus tracks.

    I had forgotten What a Moment she made out of Lost Without You on the Golden Tour.

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  9. It was great live!
    I was disappointed she dropped Radio On for the Oz tour!
  10. That gif is very appropriate for Fine Wine (song).
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  11. Finally some slight Fine Wine appreciation!

    Wasn't it the same as the few performances of it that she did before the tour? Those were kind of...terrible. The song is brilliant, but there is a kind of urgency to the album version that the performances I've seen had failed to capture...
  12. Miss a Thing music video drops today!
    DISCO era never dies
  13. Really, wow, never was aware of this!
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  14. Seriously?! I never knew she even filmed one!
  15. There was a rumour another music video for a Disco song had been filmed back in late 2020, but don't think it was ever confirmed for what song. Or confirmed altogether.
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  16. Wait, seriously? That’s amazing! Where is this information coming from?
  17. RideOrDie on ATRL so it’s legit, dropping at 12pm UK time according to him.

    I wonder if she’s launching a tour off the back of this and Neighbours?
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  18. Looking forward to seeing this! New Kylie music videos, always welcome and another nice Disco era treat.
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