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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. My favourite album track! Cannot wait for this!
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  2. Wonder why if filmed, and yet, never an single??...
  3. Better late than never. I suspect this is to close the era out, but a tour announcement would be incredible.
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  4. I think the pandemic changed her plans.
  5. Well I never need to watch that again. I get why they never released it.

    But such a bop.
  6. Also Drag Race...

    Supernova was the lipsync song on drag race again this week
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  7. Meh. Still adore the song, but I think the special effects on Made in Heaven were better.

    Just editing to add she does look gorgeous though.
  8. That would’ve made a very good tour visual but is a bit meh for a standalone music video.
  9. Do we daaaaaaaarrreeeeerrrreeee hope for a tour announcement?
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  10. Lol. Clarify what you're spoiling before a spoiler warning. Though this got me excited now more than anything.
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  11. This is what it looks like. Or she had fun with this one light in her house and thought to take out the old vintage camera.
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  12. Very random and came out of no where.
    A very nice stunning tour visual but not an effective music video. It's a great bonus at least, maybe a perfect tag end of a campaign.

    I wonder what the motive of this is. A tour announcement would be amazing

    Still the Miss A Thing stans have some form of justice now. Let's move on. Haha
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  13. That should have stayed unreleased, utter garbage. What is the point in putting her in a nice outfit and doing her hair and makeup only to throw a bunch of cheap nasty filters and harsh lighting on it?
    It's serving art student discovering iMovie and getting his fun auntie to star in his first project.
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  14. Just bizarre dropping this now. I mean amazing track and she looks stunning but low budget video? Like others said maybe was lined up as a single and plans changed at some point….
  15. So we went from maybe single to no performance of it ever?
  16. It’s an unexpected bonus. That’s pretty much it.
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  17. This is giving “filmed as a tour backdrop visual then we realised she’s not touring so may as well get some streams from it”
  18. Looks unfinished but they released it anyway. Nice little bonus to have, it's not like it's actually promoting the single now anyway.
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  19. Throw the Dance Floor Darling and Last Chance visuals out as well. A new era is coming next year anyway.
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