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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Screams of "shit we lost 3/4 of the footage" or "we've only got two hours to shoot this".

    Weird that this has been dropped now - I guess to spark a little interest in the album again though not sure a video of this type is going to do any of that.
  2. Poor Sophie Muller being called a film student dddd.

    Random thought but I'm surprised they haven't attempted a Disco: The Remixes yet. Her own Club Future Nostalgia if you will. I'm sure every DJ would jump at the chance to remix her tracks and it's something to prolong the era a bit further.
  3. Do we really need to stretch this era out with yet another re-issue? Let the era die so people can miss her and save up money for the inevitable onslaught of variants for the next album.
  4. It does look like a tour visual! ha
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  5. I get immediate flashbacks to this mess when those awful smoke and road effects came on:

    Tina stays iconic.
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  6. Now it’s a single? Or a farewell kiss off?

    If this was a video done long ago now I know why they kept it locked up. There were several rumors of it getting a single treatment long ago.
  7. It is basic but I couldn't stop watching and she looks gorgeous. As a 6th (?) release from an album (not really a single) I think it's fine. I've seen worse videos for people's lead singles. Why does it sound slower though? Maybe it's just hearing it out of context of the album. It's a nice thing for fans anywho and actually... it is sort of reminiscent of a lot of music videos from the disco era.
  8. Oh please with these tin can Sophie videos. The song deserves so so much more than this.
  9. HMD


    It’s great to see probably the best song of the era getting some sort of acknowledgement.

    But… it’s the 3rd time now Sophie Muller has shot the same video (Say Something, Can’t Stop Writing Song About You, Miss a Thing) with each one being worse than its predecessor. Oh, and am I the only one who expects to see Kylie’s face in a Kylie video instead of lights and filters hiding and blurring her most of the time?

    As many have said, it would be OK as a tour backdrop. Anyway, kudos and thanks to Kylie for this little treat!
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  10. I appreciate every time I can see Kylie in a video, but where is my glitterised Sorry roller disco dream?
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  11. I’m just glad she’s acknowledging one of the best tracks on the album. It’s late night slinky vibe just takes me places every single time.
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  12. The Miss A Thing video feels like a lyric video without any lyrics on top of the image.
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  13. It’s…the seventh video for an album that dropped 2 years ago. Like...
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  14. She should really get into the habit of releasing visualisers for all her album tracks.
  15. I like it for what it is, but if this was ever supposed to be a promotional video for a single then… Please, let’s try some new directors.
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  16. I still havent moved on from Sophie Muller canning Gwen's video for Serious.
  17. Nothing completely special, but nice to see all the same this video. Last release all round for Disco now I imagine anyway.
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  18. I take her at her word here. I imagine -- just like with Lost Without You during the Golden era -- she picked up on the fact that many of her most devoted fans connected with this track. It never made sense as a single, but she saw the love for the song so she released this little.. unfinished video concept, tour visual... as a sweet little acknowledgment of that devotion on the two year anniversary of the Disco era. That's probably it.

    That said... I'll agree... not the best. I'm not sure who thought the combination of heavy makeup and harsh lighting would be flattering.

    Anyway, she can't waste more time on this music thing. She's got wine to sell!
  19. And her Wine is Fine!
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