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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Imagine being able to listen to Kylie’s discography for the first time again, whew!
  2. Who are these friends that people have that dissect lyrics and chorus? It either clicks with people or it doesn't, that's the chat I have with my friends about songs. It does take a few listens for the casual listener so I guess radio support, playlist support is crucial.
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  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I think this will grow on me massively, I don't know that it was an instant click for me because there's so much packed into the track.
  4. I listened to a preview of Say Something on iTunes yesterday before its release and didn’t think anything of it but when it came on when I put the New Music Friday playlist on I instantly remembered it and thought bop I was however convinced it was Allie X singing or a new Post Precious song.

    I even had to look on Wikipedia to see if Allie had written the track I have looked over a few pages and not noticed anyone making a comparison maybe it’s just me.

    I have always seen myself as a casual Kylie Minogue fan and always had a huge soft spot for “Impossible Princess” and I don’t think she has ever released anything I haven’t thought was a bop so maybe I am more than a causal Stan
  5. Indeed, lucky, lucky, lucky and then some!
  6. I'm liking the album cover a bit more after seeing these other visuals and how it fits in with them. Kate Moross said there's more to come as the campaign progresses in response to someone on Instagram and they were even taking suggestions on what merchandise people would like to see.
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  7. I LOVE your avatar!
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  8. thanks x
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  9. I've always been surprised that Kylie and Victoria have never worked together—I always wished that Kylie had recorded "Stuck On Repeat," like Victoria and Joe Goddard wanted.

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  10. 'Enlighten Jesse' on YouTube only recently discovered her and has posted reactions to her entire discography and most of her music videos.
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  11. Say Something:
    #9 official downloads chart
    #12 official sales chart
    #15 Scottish Singles chart
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  12. after one day? The impact!
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  13. Kate's pronouns are they/them.
  14. I'm excited to see what other stuff Kate has in store especially after their incredible work with the Spice Girls last year.
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  15. Certainly exceeded my expectations.

    She must have got bugger all streams though not to make the top 100
  16. Say something is a bop, and then some! It gets better with every listen, and it's been on repeat since yesterday. sooo excited for the rest of DISCO!
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  17. We should comment and tweet at AjayII to react to say something and do a discography review like she did with Madonna!
  18. Not even a full day at that!

    "Dancing", which had a full week to impact, its debut chart was:

    #15 Sales
    #13 Scotland

    This is a very good start!
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