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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Who else could slay THOSE opera notes in Your Disco Needs You in today's pop landscape? Then casually slip into singing Better The Devil You Know? Only a queen.
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  2. {I feel like I’ve done a terrible job at articulating what I was trying to say but I just want to put on the record that I love Kylie’s voice}
  3. While we're at it, let me remind you all that Kiss Me Once has some of Kylie's absolute best vocal moments. Into The Blue, Feels So Good, If Only, Fine, Sleeping With The Enemy, the title track... Talent!
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  4. SBK


    Its a shame this was released right in the middle of a pandemic. I feel like some live performances could really help with "chart success". Its the kind of song I think lapsed casual, closet Kylie fans would enjoy.
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  5. I'm liking the song but I really dislike the vocals. The weird wobbly autotune mixed with Kylie's (almost shrill) nasal tone that she's picked up over the last few years really lets the song down for me.
  6. I love that too. It feels like the song keeps teasing us. It builds and builds and right when it’s about to erupt into something bigger it stops. And then it does that again and stops. Then it finally has that explosive ending paying everything off. The brief chorus really works for me.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    @SloMover what can we do to get Kylie’s Can’t Stop the DISCO?
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  8. I’ve been listening to Kiss Me Once a lot lately. Aside from one or two tracks it’s a pretty decent album.
  9. My partner said that the song reminds him of Green Light by Lorde.
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  10. There was a small section when I first heard that I heard the reference.
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  11. It doesn't fulfill that disco itch that I expected. It's more 80s synth than 70s funk, but it's a nice smooth bop. Very breezy and escapist, which is what I love. I think she's onto something with this project, so I'm excited.
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  12. Hello. I’ve just sat and read all the lovely comments on SS. Thank you so much. I feel all proud and fuzzy. The team behind making this track are so happy the fans in general seem to be really enjoying it. The highlight for me being it didn’t leak. It felt like a collective surge of excitement when Zoe pressed play. I hope this happens more with other artists. It felt really special. Anyway. Big love and stay safe pop kids xxxx
  13. Thank you once more for a brilliant pop tune!
  14. They are very different songs but definitely from the same family.
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  15. Hey Biff,
    this song is really something special and Kylie and the whole team should know that most of the fans are really aware of it. When I heard it for the first time it filled me with so much joy and love. You really delivered and as a fan now for 30 years it is so amazing that she can still light that sparkle and bring the quality after all these years. It makes me very emotional!

    Thank you very much!!!
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  16. @biff stannard, how do I send you the bill for a set of new tear ducts please? I cried every time I played it the day of release. HELP!

    This song was exactly what we needed right now so let me just echo the thanks. Much love.
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  17. Legend, thank you for so many classics.
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  18. @biff stannard, Say Something is utter magic. Big thanks for this wonderful song once again.
  19. Say Something received 387K plays on Spotify, more than the first day. Let's go.
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  20. Streaming it again right now. No excuse needed to do my bit.
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