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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I confess Golden is really special to me but I’m still enjoying this material
  2. So true. In their defense, I think it's partly attributable to the unique position that Kylie has -- especially in the British consciousness. It may be a combination of her incredible longevity that (let's face it, only a handful of popstars have), coupled with what I believe is genuine affection the British public has for Kylie. Her warmth is so undeniable -- it seems like people who don't even like her music, still love her. So, if that's the base-level we're starting at, it's probably inevitable that Kylie stans have a deeper emotional connection with her than they ever could with another pop star, hence the defensiveness and the protectiveness.

    Or maybe I should just keep my dayjob and stop psychoanalyzing Kylie stans.
  3. I mean if you don’t like the song you don’t like the song that’s absolutely fine read it to filth just don’t extend that to I will never be able to enjoy anything she does ever again
  4. The kii is that nobody really said that.
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  5. I’ve always felt that Kylie connects with her fans at so many levels in so many ways that inspire a deep level of devotion. But such devotion comes with unsurpassable expectations. She also invariably becomes some kind of canvas where fans project their hopes and aspirations, so when she inevitably fails, it gets bitter and dark pretty quickly. Barbra Streisand fans are the same (I know a few of them). Better to inspire strong feelings than none, I guess.
  6. Some people like to push that narrative, but fandoms are mostly the same when it comes down to it. Our perception of 'other fandoms', however, is coloured by a entirely different range of factors.
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  7. SBK


    Yeah, people seem to be enjoying it. I'm expecting a better Monday midweek than Say Something.
  8. It’s just an observation. I’m surprised a forum from USA is enjoying this and without any negative comment.
  9. This passes the shower test with flying colors. Nearly broke my neck doing the hustle during my conditioner treatment.
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  10. RRS


    Me too! I have such a good feeling about this album.
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  11. Wow. The imagery this era, keeps on getting better and better. This is perhaps my favourite since Body Language visual wise for sure.
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  12. This looks like it is a candid taken during one of her KylieFever2002 tour shows! Its stunning!
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  13. How on earth are those photos nearly 19 years apart???
  14. Magic sounds a little like Levitating done with a smaller budget but I'm still bopping.
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  15. Indeed, just crazy!
  16. On first listen neither Say Something or Magic clicked for me, I was a bit like "okay well what now?" It did take while for Say Something to click for me, and it did take a few (fewer) listens for Magic to click, but they are both quite stellar songs. I had feelings Magic would be a big fat uptempo disco stomper, but it's so laidback, and it's done SO well.

    I was listening to it while strolling round Asda earlier on and was seized by the desire to start strutting up and down the central aisle; it has SUCH high replay value!
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  17. It’s not a blow me away kinda track but the ‘do you do you do you’ stuck in my head after one listen. It’s just very pleasant.
  18. I'm so in love with this guy.
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It was like MAGIC when we DISCO

    This should be the next Kylie and Dannii duet xx
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