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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This is me! It would be gay rights for her to make #1, but either way, the material so far has been a dream come true, my hopes are beyond high at this stage!
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  2. Say Something is absolutely one of the finest singles of the year.
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  3. I honestly can’t be arsed with Little Mix v Kylie discussions. Trying to purposefully belittle them because they had the utter cheek to release on the same day as Kylie is a waste of energy. Both acts are incredibly talented and would be worthy of the spot.

    Yes, it would be lovely for Kylie to get the record but what will be will be. She won’t suddenly be strung up as a massive failure if she doesn’t get it so let’s all have a nice sit down.
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  4. Not debuting #1 isn't gonna hurt Kylie's legacy, it's not gonna negate the potentially amazing album we're getting in 3 weeks time, and tearing Little Mix down for doing their job is sure as hell gonna look worse on you than it will them

    At the end of the day, Kylie not debuting #1 is not gonna stop people listening to the album, she still has interest from the GP, who will buy on release week. It would be amazing for her to get the #1 and break the record, but it will not end her career if she doesn't
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  5. There’s also a whole nine years left of this decade for Kylie to achieve the record, if Disco happens to not make it.

    They’re both deserving of the #1 spot and Kylie will definitely get the record, at some point this decade, if not with Disco.

    This thread, especially in regards to Little Mix, has been a complete shitshow.

    “Not known outside the UK” is such a piss poor, unnecessary and untrue argument to make with them.

    They’re both incredible and let’s just keep this thread to supporting Kylie and her incredible era that she’s in.
  6. RRS


    You are spot on. I would love for Kylie to get the achievement but hey it’s not the be all and end all. Little Mix are bloody brilliant and deserve to do well too. Anyone putting another artist/group down because they don’t want them to get a no 1 needs to seriously have a word with themselves!

    At the end of the day what will be will be and like others have said we will have the music. By the sounds of it we are due an absolute belter of an album and I am really excited for it!
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  7. This whole record it really that important? Who really keeps score outside of her hardcore fans?
    It's one of those "records" that only serves as ammo in petty online squabbles between fanbases.
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  8. I hope Miley or Ariana surprise drop their album so neither Kylie or Little Mix get it just to stop this conversation tbh.
  9. I just hate that both albums are out at the same time, as I want them both to have huge success.
  10. [​IMG]

    yes I know November is rumoured but this is Mildred.
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  11. We're sort of hardwired to think that the album at #2 isn't a huge success though. If Little Mix debut at #1 with good sales, and Kylie at #2 also with good sales, they're both a success, no?
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  12. If Kylie was so set on this record, she would have released the album in the last 2 months when she would have been able to get the no 1 pretty much any week. And if Kylie doesn’t really care about it, I’m not sure why anybody here does.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    But they both can. In the end it's about sales.
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  14. We all know who is going to be #1 anyway so all this Kylie vs. Little Mix talk is pointless


    Released on the 30th October and won't take her foot off the neck of the charts for a few weeks at least.
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  15. adele? or is it ariana?
  16. I really hope this is humour...
    (if not then it's Jane McDonald)
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  17. I thought it was Gwen...
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  18. no i was just wondering who is releasing that date
  19. I didn't know the bargain bin had a chart? I love Jane.

    For me it's the element that she could hold such an incredible feat as an artist.
  20. Let’s be honest though, if she does get it it’ll be little more than a wee sticker BMG can stick on her records and an introduction for TV hosts to use now and then.

    It’s nice, but she really doesn’t need it. I don’t even think she herself is that arsed about it. Why should she be? She has absolutely nothing to prove at this point.
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