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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be, when I was Mary’s prayer.
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  2. I wouldn't have been disappointed if I Love It was just a cover of this

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  3. RRS


    Well I Love It definitely sounds Disco!!
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  4. Disco strings abound.
  5. Ooh, I like the sound of this.
    I'm sad that a Kylie × Sneaky Sound System collaboration never happened. At least it gave us this though.

  6. Yes!!!! I mean this is what we were all expecting right? Sound gorgeous
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  7. Now THAT is what I'm talking about

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  8. W2K


    Already sounds better than Magic to me. Very excited for this one!
  9. It sounds like Kylie’s The Boss. Yaaaaaasssssssss.
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  10. That description of Celebrate You, is just everything.
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  11. I'm not aware of the story of I Want Everything - Was it submitted to Kylie? Or just written with her in mind?
  12. So this will be the Raining Glitter of Disco then, aka a promo single?
  13. If I remember correctly, it was submitted for X. No idea if Kylie ever heard it though.
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  14. Is it the music that that producer was playing on his computer a few months back and people were speculating it was for Kylie? Sounds similar to that but I can’t find the clip.
  15. W2K


  16. Kill me now.
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  17. That clip of I Love It sounds very “Your Disco Needs You but 2020”.
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  18. Looks like it'll be a midnight release this time round.

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  19. Looks like another Magic remix too

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  20. Sounds exactly like what I was expecting of this era. I'm ready.
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