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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I just want her to do what Madonna did with Back That Up To The Beat and bring back an unused demo (Hey there Lose Control and Sexual Gold) for the new album.
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  2. Justice for Waiting 4 The Sun!
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  3. That's another missed opportunity too, I also have a soft spot for Voodoo.
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  4. Some of the unreleased Kylie demos are the best songs she's ever done.
  5. As much as I'd love to have "Waiting 4 The Sun" and "Lovin' You" among others, this isn't the project for that—that would've been Step Back Into Time, but instead we got a megamix by The Freemasons that no one asked for or wanted.
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  6. We can all agree that Guess needs a Disco beat and has to be the album opener right?
  7. 'Sexual Gold' was/is the lost Kylie classic.
  8. In an alternate universe it was the lead single for X
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  9. Why would the Step Back In Time project have been the opportunity to release little known songs from a previous record company? I'd love to hear that and more unreleased songs but surely no one expected a new record company to go to the old record company to ask to license them, and any expectation of such is just baffling.

    Sounds like this is a Parlophone issue and that they need to do a cash-in of her extensive collection of unreleased songs. I don't need them to be central to any album campaign. I want fresh stuff.

    Also, I think the Freemasons remix is great for the general public.
  10. I never used to like it but recently it's implanted itself into my top 20. Same goes for Down Down actually.
    There are so many different styles within X that it could have been a Trilogy.
  11. Because if you were planning on releasing finished versions of old (leaked) songs, it would make much more sense to do so on a Greatest Hits album than on an entirely new project.
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  12. Someone on ATRL is suggesting the lead is called Say Something and out in a matter of days (on ‘National Vanilla Ice Cream Day’, that’s the 23rd).

    Could be a complete troll but it’s fun to wildly speculate.
  13. He’s not a troll in terms of Kylie but I’ll wait for some more confirmation, which if next week is true, shouldn’t be too long to wait. Our own @man.tis.shrimp knows some stuff too.
  14. I really really hope they’re telling the truth. I can’t wait!
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  15. I never thought she'd release this early while the world is still in the state it's in but maybe it's the perfect time? I just hope people don't expect too much in terms of promo. Will she even be able to film a decent video?
  16. Music video shoots seem back on, in the UK that is.
    I know Nina Nesbitt is shooting one today, doesn't seem to be a quarantine one as she's getting glam.

    I think as stuff is opening back up, even if TV isn't back in full swing she should be able to do a professional set up performance on Graham Norton or something.
  17. I couldn't handle Kylie releasing new music the WEEK before Alanis Morissette drops her new album. My mental health is fragile as it is and that would destroy me.
  18. I also heard about the song title "Say Something." Pretty sure it's legit, just not sure about its date.
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  19. Could just be an announcement date, they didn't say specifically it was the song's release date I believe.
  20. The 23rd is a Thursday anyway, I can't see it being released then, much as Kylie isn't a chart force in Singles they won't waste the first single being out on a Thursday.
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