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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Pleasantly surprised by how high the metacritic rating is, hopefully it doesn’t drop by too much as more reviews are added.
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  2. Despite the fact my package won't arrive till tomorrow I am refreshing my Amazon orders every few minutes. I love this feeling the night before a new album is due.
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  3. I have a suspicion that AllMusic rave is going to be a bit of an outlier, but I'm sure it will stay in the mid 70s. I can't wait to hear the album tomorrow. Is it weird that I'm more excited about the livestream, though?
  4. Uno


    I'm hoping the Infinite Disco stream puts the songs in a different perspective for me and I really fall in love with them there.
  5. I ordered the deluxe CD, cassette, clear vinyl, marble double vinyl, iTunes deluxe, and just now, also the standard CD. And the Magic & Say Something 7" singles.

    I feel so...
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  6. I haven't bought tickets yet but would buy if she 100% does Dance Floor Darling.
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  7. Is it worth recording the live stream? I don’t know if it’ll be made available afterwards (although why put that much effort into it if you’re not going to capitalise on it throughout the campaign?).

    Also, my deluxe marble vinyl delivery has been delayed.

  8. I suspect the post she had on IG with the lyrics is from the performance.
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  9. Pretty sure she cited that as her favorite track from the album in an interview. If so, that bodes well...
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  10. Yes, it's a largely uptempo affair, aside from "Celebrate You," so it should make for a great gym soundtrack.
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  11. Celebrate You is giving me more of an ABBA vibe that Last Chance, actually. Super Trouper (the song), in particular.
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  12. Having listened a few times now, I'd divide the songs like this more or less

    Say Something
    Last Chance
    Dance Floor Darling ​

    Miss A Thing
    Real Groove​

    Cheesy but maybe growers
    Where Does the DJ Go
    Celebrate You​

    Tragic (aka trash but I some people are scared of that word dd)
    Monday Blues
    I Love It​

    Lemme wait a couple of hours for the bonus tracks tho. I might get a nice 9-tracker out of the whole thing.
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  13. SBK


    Its not on demand, you can only watch at the time you book for.

    I'm sure someone will record it and it though.

    Can't wait for the weekend...

    There's a dedicated van coming tomorrow with my Disco preorders, and the Kylie Savvy B is in the fridge for Saturday.
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  14. Even if gyms are closed I worked out at home today while listening to Disco and it's a very good album that also provides a nice source of energy and positivity.

    • Dance Floor Darling should have definitely been the lead single in my opinion, it completely embodies what the album represents and delivers such a perfect pop moment. I genuinely consider the song's pre-chorus, chorus and the ending the best moments of the album. It's glorious.
    • Supernova is a banger, it's my second favorite, it's the fullest song of the album in terms of production which is an extremely good thing since I realized that those who tried to re-create disco music over the past couple of years often did it with a minimalistic approach that made the songs feel a bit lackluster (to me).
    • Last Chance is another extra valid song, it relies on the some disco "clichés" since it's really ABBA-oriented but it does that in a well crafted and satisfying way which makes me want to play it again.
    • Fine Wine kinda reflects my thoughts about Last Chance, it's a traditional pop song with disco influences and deserved to be part of the standard edition to be honest. The "beep beep" is a nice homage to Donna Summer!
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  15. I know, I mean it’s not just going to be forgotten about after that is it? A lot of works gone into it, I imagine they’ll want to capitalise on that further down the line is all I meant.

    (Also, my sovvy B and rose are currently chilling, the bf also brought in the merlot even though I don’t drink red but God loves a trier.)
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  16. It will, yes. Perfectly, actually. I’m gonna give it a running soundtrack try this weeknd.
  17. SBK


    I got the red white bundle, so will probably smash them out and hopefully pass out before the love at first sight finale.
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  18. Absolutely. Gym album of the year tbh.
  19. See u there hen x
  20. Celebrate You is the one that has grown on me the most. Didn't think much of it upon first listen, but after about 3 goes and letting the lyrics sink in it's really good.
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