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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. It’s lovely isn’t it. ‘Everything I like about myself is better with you’ is a fantastic lyric.

    Someone help me out though, is it ‘Mary Mary’ she’s singing in the verses? I can’t help but hear anything else for love nor money. Whomst is she theaux?
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  2. From here:
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  3. I'm guessing a made up name, and it's about her partner. That's how I'm imagining it.
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  4. Merry Mary.
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  5. Magic - this still sounds like she's completely zoned out, and there is still such disconnect between the verses and chorus for me... Perfunctory.
    Miss a Thing - is similar in function as an opener but her tone is different and it flows better. Perfectly decent.
    Real Groove - this sounds like a variation of Miss a Thing vs Dua Lipa sonically (so a little more interesting but also a bit less original in the context of what is currently "out there") and it also keeps going in circles for a while and then ends abruptly and uneventfully.
    Monday Blues - this is brilliant. It is fun, rich, different, with strikingly different bits that flow seamlessly into one another and it is generous with the energy and positive vibes.
    Supernova - this is even better than Monday Blues, I love the dramatic chorus.
    Say Something - this doesn't fit at this spot at all. What were they thinking? Remains epic.
    Last Chance - the first verse overstays its welcome to the point where it feels like they didn't know what more to do with it from one point on. Thankfully the second verse is shorter. The chorus is magnificent. The pre-chorus is okay. A bit of a lesser Supernova/I Love It mix overall, but also another one that ends as if someone suddenly pressed stop.
    I Love It - still tons of drama and romance, and I can't help but love it. The opening "I love it" line is too muted and it shows much more in the context of the album.
    Where Does the DJ Go? - it a parody, and neither the vocals nor the production do anything to elevate it. The chorus is kind of brilliant, so it would probably be excellent as a quasi-acoustic sort of whatever at live shows (if such a thing exists in the future). Kind of useless in its current incarnation.
    Dancefloor Darling - what kind of prom night theme tune? What kind of explosion of bliss? Imagine having this song and not releasing it as the second single over Magic... Get it to feature on Stranger Things, by the way. The outro is shit though, and the song ending right before it would be just fine.
    Unstoppable Love - starts out like those cheesy (dreadful) universal-love songs she included on her early albums, but the chorus is a great switch-up and works all the better for coming after the otherwise weaker verses, so nice 'synergy' there.

    - By this point I am not sure where people are hearing the weak choruses since they seem to be making up for relatively average verses on occasion so far, whereas no verses have come to the assistance of any poor choruses (I don't hear any) yet for me. -

    Celebrate You - it is so achingly nostalgic and uplifting at the same time, impressive. Kind of an update on Especially For You but make it danceable.
    Till You Love Somebody - is like a cross between Dancefloor Darling and Celebrate You and it seems that this is the most successful strand in terms of direction in this project, so no idea why this isn't on the standard album (standard editions increasingly feel like lite-versions rather than definitive versions as years go by and this feels like another example).
    Fine Wine - is the best thing so far, full of attitude, conviction, expressive delivery, a gorgeous cool vibe, absolutely marvelous. I'm hearing a single in this, with the Kylie wines being a thing, it feels so odd to not have a proper push for the track with a heavy dose of product placement in a decent-budget video.
    Hey Lonely - this IS the cheesy universal-love song she had been doing on the first part of her career but this is the first time that I feel it suits her. Kind of makes up for whatever the hell they thought they were doing with Time Will Pass You By.
    Spotlight - is like a cross between the 'Dancefloor Darling - Celebrate You - Till You Love Somebody' trinity and Supernova, a great way to end the album, kind of a reprise/encore moment. A victory lap. On a repeat loop, it even makes Magic sound decent coming up next.

    So the songs I'm not happy with are Magic and Where Does The DJ Go?, and Real Groove and Last Chance are unnecessary/cover similar ground with better or more distinct tracks here. However all except Magic may still grow on me, who knows. Hopefully it will be Where Does The DJ Go? that grows on me the most since it is the most unique among them.

    Overall I make 13-track playlists of all her albums and I already like 12/16 tracks on this at first listen, the stronger ones among those sounding befittingly grand for the genre, with dramatic melodies, and quite a few (totally expected) twists in how Kylie uses her voice that make it quite an essential addition to her canon.

    I consider at least two or three more songs to be as good as Say Something and I Love It, and I definitely rate the album as a top-tier Kylie album alongside Impossible Princess, Light Years, Aphrodite, Golden and Body Language, expanding my top 5 in her discography to a top 6 (though I still don't know where it lands in that top 6).

    Now all we need is a version of the deluxe album with a good album cover...

    Oh, and I've got to buy a ticket for the show!
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  6. As polarising as the Apple Music interview seemed to be on here, I think when reviewing Kylie these days, it’s good to keep this quote in mind as it seems to sum up where she is in her career. It’s clear that only the low-key work and collabs will be where any experimentation is going to continue and where she feels comfortable taking creative risks.

    As frustrating as that is for a lot of us longtime fans, it’s the way it is now that mainstream Radio 2 is her bread and butter unfortunately. I also cannot ever turn my back on a woman with that back catalogue and who is spectacularly endearing and consistently gracious to her fans. She’s a national fucking treasure and has been a bright shining light during 2020.

    *Streams Tove Lo Really don’t like u (feat Kylie) until I can listen to Disco*
  7. On my first listen to the full album now over gay Aussie breakfast.
    To me it sounds like a cross between Light Years and Fever (production wise) so it's already better than the last few albums for me.
    Say Something remains my favourite track and I would have loved a few more tracks in a more experimental mode but it is what it is.
    I think it will take a few more listens to grow, it's not AOTY material but I'm enjoying it a lot.
  8. So I was literally shaken awake this morning, thanks for the 7am earthquake Mother Nature. Once my heart stopped racing, the first thing that came into my head was 'would you be, would you be, would you be my dance floor darling'.

    I'm not sure how it is possible but I've woken up today feeling entirely different about the album, listened to it 3 times today and am REALLY enjoying it.

    Maybe it's the the bonus tracks, all of which are excellent additions to the standard 12 tracks making it feel more complete. Fine Wine being my favourite of them. The only track I'm not really feeling at all is still Magic and perhaps Unstoppable, though it does have elements I enjoy.

    In other news, I got the email about the delayed Deluxe CD, so I won't get my bundle until after Christmas now. But my mum called and my Signed CD arrived today, so she's getting that in the post before the Xmas cut off date yay!
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  9. LOVE this on first listen, I am with the critics...she did good.
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  10. Not being funny, but are the Foo Fighters surprise dropping an album tonight, cause I will deck the first Facebook Dad I see buying a copy in Tesco if she loses #1 to them, after all this build up.
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  11. So it’s Say Something she’s performing on GMA, probably the better choice!
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  12. OK, I'm glad this thread reopened, because I actually liked this album more on second listen. I wasn't expecting that. It certainly isn't doing a deep, expansive dive into the depths of disco & dance music like What's Your Pleasure? or Roisin Machine (two obviously incredible, AOTY-worthy albums), but Kylie did a great job overall. I wasn't expecting her to reinvent the wheel, but the album is much more upbeat & frenetic than I expected it would be - especially heading into the second half, which makes the whole thing feel like one huge pop sugar rush. I welcome this approach as well. It's certainly more enjoyable than other pop girl albums released this year, which deliver the vibe of being locked in a beige EDM purgatory, or the sound of giving up altogether :) .

    Still not a huge fan of Monday Blues, but Supernova is a big grower. Last Chance is one of my favorites now. The entire second half (6-12), with the exception of I Love It (one of the more middling songs here), sounds pretty bulletproof to my ears. I've been consistent in saying that I thought Golden was a mess. I still stand by that - it's easily one of my least favorite Kylie albums, Kiss Me Once didn't really work as an album for me, either, but this is her best to me since Aphrodisiac. Admittedly, the lyrics aren't great, but I'm also a fan of Ariana Grande.

    The deluxe tracks are... fine, but on my first play or two, they aren't required listening. Hey Lonely is my favorite of the bunch, it switches things up a bit sonically, which I appreciate. That said, I'm happy I got the Spotify marbled vinyl out of all the variants, because they don't harm the album one bit. Excited to listen to this further tonight once it's out on Spotify. It gave me the good vibes I needed today.
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  13. Not sure if this was posted.
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  14. Only heard the three tracks released so far and haven't looked for a leak to listen early, but I'm so excited to have the album tomorrow (or Saturday!)
    I've got all but my marble deluxe vinyl shipping email so the letter box will be pretty full when they all arrive!

    I know the album isn't even out yet, but I can imagine if they wanted to use the footage of Infinite Disco for more than just the live stream, I can see them either releasing a bundle digital download of the album and live stream, or doing a run of collectors edition with the deluxe album and physical DVD of the album bundled together, either in the first few weeks for sustained sales, or after Christmas to keep the momentum up to carry the album into 2021.
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  15. Agree 100%. In a sense, it’ll always be frustrating to be a Kylie fan because we all know what she’s capable of and therefore, the higher expectations. But at this stage in her career, she no longer has anything to prove to anyone and if she doesn’t want to go down the experimental/introspective mode, fans will just have to deal with it.

    I’ve been defending Kylie because, as you say, I can’t not love her. However, I think it’s also important to acknowledge that there’s truth in what @RJF said: it is possible to be both fun and good. I’ve yet to listen to the album so I can’t say just yet. But I’d be lying if I didn’t secretly wish that DISCO would be as strong as What’s Your Pleasure. Roll on Friday. Roll on DISCO.
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  16. The album gets better every time I play it. Happy times.
  17. Okay but imagine Kylie on something like this other magically titles bop

    Infact, Eleven in general is the Kylie album I crave for her to do.
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  18. I’m not sorry, but Miss a Thing is a fucking masterpiece.
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  19. RJF


    I mean, I don't want, need, or expect creative risks. Kylie has never been an artist known for, or defined by, creative risks. I just want... good music that is befitting of her stature, and I don't think Kylie has really delivered on that in a while. I think this album takes a few cues from disco music without actually hitting into any of the soul of it. It's like the team she worked with read a few sub headers on Wikipedia without really ever living in it or even adding their own spin to it. I think it's a fairly sterile album outside of the lead single and maybe a select few cuts. Where's the warmth? Everything just feels like a broadly drawn cliché.

    Like, even something that "Light Years" that wears its influence shamelessly on its sleeve, is carried by that elastic chorus and the absurd camp of it all. This album draws entirely in the lines and even then, it doesn't even fill the boxes in entirely. Like, think of the range of things happening in something like "Come Into My World". It just doesn't compare.

    I don't think artists who have been at this as long as Kylie should have their previous glories held over them like a looming shadow they can never escape, but I also do think there's a balance to be struck between allowing leeway for someone who has already achieved so much and also... expecting more from someone who has achieved so much. And I think the album fails in that regard.
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