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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Wait. The Infinite Disco merch is actually kind of cute. Good work, Studio Moross.
  2. The way the calendar has me more excited than some of the songs on here ddddd (I do love a good calendar.)

    From the bonus tracks I can say that they do feel a bit like more of the same, a shame there isn’t a bit more of a palette cleanser in there but whatever, Fine Wine pops the fuck off.

    Also, her performing September - the utter taste, I can’t wait.
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  3. The verses of Unstoppable are giving me Broken Hearts Heal vibes.
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  4. I enjoyed it.
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  5. That took ages to grow on me and now I like it.
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  6. Upon additional re-listens, my favorites remain the same. And I stand by my feelings towards "Monday Blues"—it's a mess. "Last Chance" has grown on me after I initially dismissed it as too pastiche. And I don't know if I actually dislike "Fine Wine" or if I'm just disappointed that it isn't the slinky mid-tempo bop that I thought that it'd be based on its title and that Disco desperately needs.

    Also, Kylie has uploaded each track onto YouTube with their own cover art.

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  7. Wait at these not being geo-locked. USunties actually won for once
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  8. This album has such a happy vibe to it. I love it.
  9. I'm in love with Unstoppable. Surprised to see people find it one of the weaker ones.
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  10. My ass gonna pop off to this all weekend when Pennsylvania comes in for Biden ddddd

    Dance Floor Darling is fucking amazing.
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  11. So...I know this has been brought up already but why the FUCK was Dance Floor Darling not the followup to Say Something???
  12. Say Something is BEGGING to be mashed up with Made Of Glass in concert.
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  13. Cropped photos that show nothing but 1/4 of Kylie's face are always a serve.
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  14. From the bonus tracks, I love “Til You Love Somebody”! Such a breezy tune!
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  15. A minor complaint I have about the album is that it sounds like all the Sky Adams tracks are trying to blow out my ears. They're so loud, even on low volume. Maybe it's just me - I dunno.
  16. Dance Floor Darling is like crack to these ears.
  17. The vocals are...crispy. I can mostly overlook it but it's difficult to ignore
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  18. Dance Floor Darling feels more like single #4 to me - just when the general public think they know what the album is about Kylie surprises them with something fresh.
  19. Kylie just going full-on Chromeo with Dance Floor Darling is why I adore it.
  20. Also, yes, Monday Blues is great to these ears. It reminds me of Ursula 1000 (who would actually be kind of an amazing fit for Kylie now that I think about it?)
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