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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Real Groove is a great single choice to me, but agreed that Dance Floor Darling should be released before the era's over.
  2. Miss A Thing is just such a slinky little number.

  3. Listening to the tracks I hadn't heard before. This is shaping up to be one of the best albums of her career.
    I can hear ABBA, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Chic, KC and Sunshine Band, Rose Royce, Gloria Gaynor and others, but with a 2020 twist.
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  4. I know Kylie isn't a Roisin type of girl, but I'm still holding out hope for an 8 minute Say Something, with more choir.
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  5. Just give us the "Don't Start Now (Live in LA)" version of that stellar performance from a few days back.
  6. Hey Lonely is the best song of all time, sorry it’s just a fact.
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  7. I've grown to enjoy the Unstoppable chorus.
    The verses are just brilliant (for me).
    It's a good song.
  8. As 'instant' as this album has been described, it's actually quite a grower I think. I listened when it leaked once and was whelmed, but I'm listening again now it's out and enjoying it much more.
  9. Roisin and Kylie should do a duet. It would be epic.
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  10. 'Miss A Thing' has a Slavic spirit, love it. 'Dance Floor Darling' is a charmer. 'Where Does The DJ Go' is serving subtle Roxy Music vibes, I'm here for it! 'Real Groove' is good. I was perhaps hoping for a slightly more menacing soundscape in general terms, but there's be plenty for me to take with regardless. 'Say Something' remains an absolute triumph.
  11. WAIT. Maybe already discussed here, but did she really reference Rihanna's Birthday Cake in the first verse of Dance Floor Darling? Iconic.
  12. Real Groove is that girl.
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  13. I really liked this album on my first few listens! The singles were not bad but didn't really grab me. I think I like almost every single song more than the singles.
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  14. I agree 100% but I feel like Roisin would think Kylie is too commercial.
    Roisin got mad when being compared to Kylie around the Overpowered album time - but she never said a bad word about Kylie just didn't like women being compared to other women.
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  15. I can see why Roisin would be annoyed about that because they aren't the same at all. But I think they could produce something interesting, halfway between commercial and avant garde.
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  16. I just don't see Roisin and Kylie dueting, they belong in completely different universes. Now, if Daft Punk were to release an album featuring only female vocals, choosing Kylie to lead the album would be just STELLAR. A gay can dream, I guess.
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  17. That damn Gareth Pugh dress...
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  18. I listened to the leak and I really enjoyed it, but even on the second listen it's still managing to grow on me! Monday Blues was an alright song at first but I can appreciate so much more now.

    Miss a Thing is SO slinky I absolutely LOVE it! Real Groove is fantastic as well!

    Supernova is giving me X vibes and I love everything about it

    Say Something is a really nice reset in the middle of the album, and sonically stands out

    Last Chance and Celebrate You both have really strong ABBA vibes; I didn't vibe will Celebrate You at first but it's already growing on me

    The one-two punch of Where Does the DJ Go? and Dancefloor Darling is almost too much to handle. On first listen I really wanted DJ to be more beefed up but I really really love it for what it is, and it's really stuck in my head!
  19. I do agree. Maybe they could do two different songs on the same Daft Punk album in two different styles.
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  20. Relatively new member here who got into Kylie around the Golden era and have been obsessed ever since. This is her first new album since already becoming a fan (mindlessly bopping to Fever as a preteen doesn't count) so I wanted to share my take.

    This returns her to that sweet runway music style of Light Years thru Body Language that she's the master of. It feels backhanded to say she does campy-trite so brilliantly but I do mean it very affectionately. I don't hear any painful wannabe hits on here either, just an intuitive understanding of euphoric pop at the core.

    Never really got the love for Aphrodite, which had godly choruses galore but a lot of awkward structuring generally (save God's miracle "All the Lovers"). Don't get me wrong, it's still solid, but I prefer this. Aside from the threadbare chorus or two on here, the verses, choruses and bridges range from decent to irresistible and flow well. Again, big time return to y2k vibes here, and she slipped back into the mode perfectly. That 20 years have passed also makes a nostalgic nod feel deliberate and adds a layer of emotional resonance. A loving disco ode to past disco odes.
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