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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. All this talk about Kylie learning to engineer her own vocals when there is at least one moment in each song that feels like a takeout knife being dragged across sunburnt flesh…
  2. What an iconic dress though.

  3. The album is really a triumph. I've sat with it for about half a day and revisiting it and the songs I weren't keen on (Monday, Celebrate You) have really clicked with me.

    I don't think there is a stronger album from Kylie in terms of quality, production, sound, diversity yet cohesion. And my Mum tells me it sounds just like her disco records from the 70s and 80s.
  4. I don’t think that’s down to the arrangement but the tracks. I think it’s 100% a creative choice that there is not a single breather on the album. It’s 12 spoons of sugar and the energy level never drops below a 7. The whole album is a firework display.

    I honestly respect that and don’t think it’s a lazy or pandering choice. It’s in fact a bold move. Now do I think it works? For the most part yes (mind you this is based on a first listen and my opinion on an album really only cements itself months later).

    However, I personally needed those 2 or 3 low key, moody tracks. A Say Hey type. Something like Donna Summer’s Working The Midnight Shift. Darker and slower yet still richly produced. Disco (the genre) had so much of that and imo having those moments doesn’t take away from what a rush the album is supposed to be. It would infact enhance it and highlight the energetic, uptempo nature of everything else.

    But again, I genuinely think her choice to have nothing low-key was a statement and a creative choice. Not a random, frantic paint-by-numbers as some may suggest.
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  5. Not Miss Minogue forcing me to log in after 2 years of saying nothing because of Celebrate You.

    I have never been very active on this forum because English is not my native language, but for one reason or another I just wanted to share this post.

    I was worried when Kylie announced Disco it would be too cheesy, but look at me loving one of the campiest songs of the album the most.

    Celebrate You is pure Kylie joy distilled in one track for me and it is hitting hard as I am finding it though navigating the current pandemic and a struggling relationship at the same time.

    This song has made 2020 worthwhile again for me and made me look at things in a positive way again.

    After going through a couple of hard months, I can only say the warmth of the song has filled me with joy and I am grateful for this track.

    I am not sure why, but this song makes me emotional.

    I have been a long time fan of hers and not all of her albums have been a home run, but Disco is doing it for me.

    I guess that is it for me, hope everyone is enjoying the album and see you again for the next album release!
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  6. I own disco records from the 70s and 80s and she is correct. I am glad you both like it.
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  7. After two spins and multiple listens on shuffle, I think the album flows quite nicely in this order for me (edited after posting):

    01 - Magic - 10/10 - Don't know why I love it more each time I listen to it, but it's such a good song
    02 - I Love It - 10/10 - That pure joy that Kylie delivers is overflowing here. Some might dislike its saccharine excess, but I love it!
    03 - Miss A Thing - 10/10 - This is SO Jessie Ware! I can easily imagine her vocals on this song. But Kylie does an excellent job with it too!
    04 - Last Chance - 8.5/10 - I think I said it's like A*Teens doing ABBA, and I stand by that. It isn't a bad thing though!
    05 - Fine Wine - 10/10 - Cheesy, camp, kitsch - check, check and check. Still, it's pure joy!
    06 - Spotlight - 6/10 - It's a decent song, and that's about it.
    07 - Real Groove - 8/10 - Very Dua Lipa. This one sounded better on the first listen than it does now. She sounds a little bored on this, no?
    08 - Dance Floor Darling - 9/10 - It loses one point for not letting that manic bit at the end go on for at least 30 seconds longer.
    09 - Supernova - 9/10 - Dannii should have recorded this - its very her! Still, what a banger! Kylie does it justice too.
    10 - Till You Love Somebody - 6.5/10 - Pleasant funk-inspired number that acts as a good palette cleanser.
    11 - Say Something - 10/10 - It's definitely in the wrong place on the album. I can see why Kylie loves this song - it's brilliant!
    12 - Hey Lonely - 6/10 - This one's a cute little bop.
    13 - Monday Blues - 10/10 - Another one that did a 180 on me. I fucking love it now! Emma (circa Free Me era) would kill for this song.
    14 - Where Does The DJ Go? - 7/10 - This is shamelessly disco, very Boney M. And that is perfectly fine! Great tune.
    15 - Unstoppable - 6/10 - Harmless tune, it'll suffer skips if it is placed elsewhere on the tracklist.
    16 - Celebrate You - 7.5/10 - Nice little mid-tempo that cleanses the palette. If I have to nitpick, there are one too many "Mary"s in the song!
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  8. Thanks for logging back in to share! I think Celebrate You is a sweet little closing track, too.
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  9. First listen I liked the album. Second listen and I'm in love.
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  10. Geez I forgot Donna's Love to love you baby goes for 9 minutes.

    Kylie's Take 5 - they are playing the full song.

    They also played Miss a Thing. So great to hear that on radio!
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  11. To make an album this fresh and cohesive with not skips (yes, everything ends growing on you) when you are doing this since the 80’s. Literally legend.
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  12. I like that you made a reference to Jessie Ware in your comment on "Miss a thing'. The tune of the verse on this song is quite similar to that of "Selfish Love" by Jessie Ware.
  13. I'm very excited to rate this album in @P'NutButter's Kylie: The Complete Discography Part 3
  14. I listened to the album twice on my walk this evening. It's a clean, colorful, uplifting album for sure; nothing groundbreaking, but definitely feel-good. The immediate standouts for her were Miss A Thing, Dance Floor Darling (the chorus on this one blooms like a glittery flower or something, and that final minute or so woooooo), Till You Love Somebody, and Hey Lonely. Say Something is obviously still everything. I only listened to Magic and I Love It once before the album came out because I didn't want too much to be overly familiar, and I wasn't blown away with either the first time around but now I'm warming up to them.

    This is going to be my personal tracklisting:

    01 | Magic
    02 | Miss A Thing
    03 | Real Groove
    04 | Dance Floor Darling
    05 | Hey Lonely
    06 | Say Something (Infinite Disco Version)
    07 | Last Chance
    08 | I Love It
    09 | Till You Love Somebody
    10 | Unstoppable
    11 | Celebrate You
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  15. It's a fabulous album.

    Even my moodier/darker queens on my Facebook feed who I thought would rip this album apart, they're all salivating at how good it is.
    Kylie has delivered.
  16. I agree with every single criticism but I really like the album! It's going to sound so good during the holidays when the snow is falling and Christmas lights are twinkling
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  17. I can't with these 3-minute remixes. A true disco tribute album would have 8 minute single mixes.
  18. Does this have a chance to go #1? Cause it deserves so fucking much.
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