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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Ariana will be tough to budge, no?
  2. I don’t think so. But Little Mix will give a hard battle, we’ll see.
  3. If Kylie debuts at #2 or #3 in the UK - still impressive.

    I have no idea about the Aust charts. I don't listen to Aust radio so have no idea who/what is big here.
  4. Yeah Little Mix are her main competition, Arianas sales for her opening week were less than expected.
  5. Kylie special on rage (Oz TV) this weekend, with Dannii clips played too!

    Saturday morning:

    • KYLIE MINOGUE Locomotion (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE I Should Be So Lucky (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Better The Devil You Know (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Confide In Me (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Spinning Around (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Come Into My World (Fest/Mush)

    Saturday night/Sunday morning:

    • KYLIE MINOGUE Locomotion (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE I Should Be So Lucky (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Got To Be Certain (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE & JASON DONOVAN Especially For You (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE It's No Secret (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Made In Heaven (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Hand On Your Heart (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE I Wouldn't Change A Thing (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Tears On My Pillow (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Better The Devil You Know (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Step Back In Time (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE What Do I Have To Do (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Shocked (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Word Is Out (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE & KEITH WASHINGTON If You Were With Me Now (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Gimme Just A Little More Time (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Finer Feelings (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE What Kind Of Fool (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Celebration (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Confide In Me (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Put Yourself In My Place (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Where Is The Feeling (Mushroom)
    • NICK CAVE & KYLIE MINOGUE Where The Wild Roses Grow (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Some Kind Of Bliss (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Did It Again (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Breathe (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Cowboy Style (Mushroom)
    • TOWA TEI featuring KYLIE MINOGUE GBI (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Dancing Queen (Mushroom)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Spinning Around (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE On A Night Like This (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Please Stay (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE In Your Eyes (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Love At First Sight (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Come Into My World (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Slow (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Red Blooded Woman (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Chocolate (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE I Believe In You (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Giving You Up (Fest/Mush)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE 2 Hearts (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Wow (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE In My Arms (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE The One (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE All The Lovers (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Get Outta My Way (Warner)
    • TAIO CRUZ featuring KYLIE MINOGUE Higher (Universal)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Better Than Today (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Timebomb (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Into The Blue (Warner)
    • GIORGIO MORODER featuring KYLIE MINOGUE Right Here, Right Now (RCA)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE featuring DANNII MINOGUE 100 Degrees (Warner)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Dancing (Liberator / BMG)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE ft. GENTE DE ZONA Stop Me From Falling (Liberator)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE & JACK SAVORETTI Music's Too Sad Without You (BMG)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Say Something (Liberator)
    • KYLIE MINOGUE Magic (Liberator / BMG)
    • DANNII Love & Kisses (Mushroom)
    • DANNII I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (Mushroom)
    • DANNII Jump To The Beat (Mushroom)
    • DANNII Baby Love (Mushroom)
    • DANNII All I Wanna Do (Warner)
    • DANNII Everything I Wanted (Warner)
    • RIVA featuring DANNII MINOGUE Who Do You Love Now? (Warner)
    • DANNII MINOGUE Put The Needle On It (Warner)
    • DANNII MINOGUE Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling (Warner)
    • DANNII MINOGUE vs FLOWER POWER You Won't Forget About Me (Warner)
    • DANNII MINOGUE I Begin To Wonder (Warner)
    • DANNII MINOGUE So Under Pressure (Central Station)
    • DANNII MINOGUE vs JASON NEVINS Touch Me Like That (Central Station)
    • DANNII Everlasting Night (MDS)
    • DANNII MINOGUE vs DEAD OR ALIVE Begin To Spin Me Around (Warner)
    • DANNII MINOGUE & THE SOUL SEEKERZ Perfection (Central Station)
  6. That high note in Till You Love Somebody knocked the wind out of me.
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  7. I just gave the album a quick skim. I like it! I wish the more Disco tracks were released first before Say Something & Magic, cause they just sound like regular Kylie songs to me. Both good but not what I thought of when I heard Disco was the theme.
    The rest of the album definitely covers those bases though.
  8. The sex kitten whispers and baseline of Miss a Thing feel like In Your Eyes. Mmmmm

    Real Groove?! Fucking bop. I knew I shouldn’t have let some of you doom gremlins make me think I wouldn’t like this. Love you anyway.
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  9. God, all these mixed reviews had me a bit nervous. I'm saving my first album listen for after work Friday, but I decided to let myself listen to just one track before heading to bed. I randomly picked Supernova and am relieved to find I loved its intergalactic disco funk after just one spin. You can hear all the classic disco references in the arrangement and production without it being complete pastiche, too. I have a feeling this will be a favorite when I finally listen to the full thing. And how great is it to get a vocal from Kylie with some attitude and weight? That is the assured vocal of a grown woman.
  10. Where does the DJ go is relentless and brilliant. Exactly what I wanted from this album.
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  11. I just listened to the album and this is my first visit back in the thread since she was recording it.

    I'm catching up and a bit surprised the reception to Magic was lukewarm! Some parts of it blended together a little bit, but I also wasn't giving it my undivided attention. I'm pleasantly surprised the entire album is relentless in terms of tempo.

    Right now my top tracks would probably be...Supernova, Dance Floor Darling, Real Groove, Say Something and Monday Blues
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  12. Dance Floor Darling oh my fucking god.
  13. I wish I could get into Monday Blues.
    I think in my head it should be Manic Monday and I struggle.
  14. She’s (seemingly) live on The Project on nz tv now. Same old shit interview questions, neighbours, moving to London, breast cancer, a gold hot pants joke. They couldn’t even be bothered to finish the plug for infinite disco at the end once she’d gone.

    Anyway, it is wonderful seeing here everywhere today. So much fantastic promo.
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  15. It’s a cute album, I definitely think it’s a step up from Golden. Say Something, Supernova and Dance Floor Darling are easily the best tracks. Where Does The DJ Go? is godawful.

    The disco influences are just all very surface level much like the country influences on Golden were, this is my biggest gripe with the album. I don’t know how much I’ll return to this in the future, but it’s fine. I’m glad a lot of people are enjoying it during such a shit time.
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  16. The album is so fucking dumb but I’m really enjoying it ddd
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  17. Well I am loving this. Such an improvement on Golden.
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  18. Not a hater by any means but she sold 195k sales + streaming compared to her last record's 360k first week sales, clearly a decline due to lack of promo/lead time/radio-friendly material and limited physical copies, so I don't think Little Mix or Kylie with multiple singles on streaming, cassettes, vinyl, signed CDs should have any problem knocking her off. It's not an Adele or Taylor Swift situation.
  19. That was the US where Kylie will be lucky to get top 75, but yeah she’ll have no problem in the U.K., Little Mix are the main competition.
  20. Lame questions.
    But I guess some people view Kylie as part of the family and ask "lame" questions.

    One thing about the ABC (Oz not US) Take 5 interview today, the host Zan called Kylie "The Queen" 2-3 times and Kylie giggled nervously, own it Kylie - you are the Queen in some parts of the world.
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