Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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I know I said this three times now but just started on this album and Miss A Thing/Real Groove have so much potential but she still sounds bored as fuck (the same issue I had with all the pre released tracks).

It was like someone forced her to record it in the studio. Where is the joy? It’s just so lifeless and flat.

She sounded so much better on Golden. Sawry, drags.
Maybe you are used to everyone around you being on energy drinks.
Ok so the good lady Kylie will be getting streams galore since it looks like my delivery of delicious DISCO goods won’t arrive til Saturday.

However for someone who wasn’t exactly overwhelmed on first listen the album is growing on me and the real revelation is I love the “bonus” tracks more than most of the album. Hey Lonely and Fine Wine are my initial standouts - fabulous pop songs! (I don’t always gravitate to the obvious fan favourites as my most listened to songs from Golden were Live A Little and Music’s Too Sad Without You).

Here’s hoping this is a hugely successful era for Ms Minogue following the last couple of years and that she is on fire this era!
Miss a Thing and Real Groove, oh my god! They are so beautiful, I wanna cry.

EDIT: I went through my first listen without looking at the credits and now that I do... As much as I love and respect him for the amazing Dancing and SMFF, Sky Adams has got to go after this. Every track that was too noisy or too grating to the ear etc.(although most have other redeeming qualities) turned out to be his. I'm sad cause those songs could sound stellar, too.

Other than that, what an amazing album! It's release day and I feel so joyous and thankful for Kylie.
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Just had my first listen on the bus on the way to work and I like it! I do have to agree with whoever said that someone of it seemed too fast though - there are some songs that seem like they’ve been sped up ever so slightly after and it makes them sound a bit erratic.
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