Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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If you live within a safe, reasonable distance, there are signed copies of the standard CD in your local hmv. £10.99. First come first served. Most stores were given between 2 and 5 copies each. Stirling, Livingston and Fopp Glasgow did not recieve any. Couldn't say anything until now because of an embargo. The signature is in the booklet, not on the cover.
A four star review in today's Times newspaper...

It is fitting that in 2020, a year when unexpected directions from beloved pop stars have been about as welcome as a second lockdown, Kylie Minogue has not only returned to her roots with a disco album, but also ensured that there is no margin for error by calling it Disco.

Two years ago everyone’s favourite Australian daytime soap star turned pop diva made an unconvincing detour into Nashville country, and there was real fear among fans that this might have begun a new exploratory phase in her career. What if she ended up on a jazz odyssey? Thankfully, Disco puts her back where she belongs: on a brightly coloured dancefloor, singing appealingly shallow words about DJs and supernovas, on an album rooted firmly in the 1970s and 1980s golden age of glamorous music that is ideal to stick on while dressing up and — for the time being — staying in.

Minogue’s 15th album, put together from her flat in London with the help of various producers and musicians on Zoom calls, lacks a killer track guaranteed to make everyone creak up from their chairs at wedding receptions forever more, but it is good-natured and upbeat, and just what we need from her right now. The style is classic Philadelphia disco, with handclaps, big piano chords, orchestral arrangements and that bittersweet melodic blend of escapism and melancholy all the best dance music has.

Meanwhile, Minogue has resisted the urge to give in to present trends and get all earnest. Instead, she sticks to such breezy themes as seeing your boyfriend dancing with someone else, getting over the Monday blues by thinking about the weekend, not wishing to miss a thing (not that there’s much to miss right now) and other lyrical themes that do not demand anything as strenuous as thought. And the best thing about Disco, coming at a time when hopefulness has been at a premium, is how optimistic it sounds.

“We’re a million miles apart in a thousand ways,” Minogue sings on the Donna Summer-like Say Something, which is the closest she gets to commenting on the conditions of the pandemic, but this is used as the starting point for a sweet and uplifting song about having something to look forward to. “Can we all be as one again?” she pleads. Coming from a less pure soul, such hands-across-the-ocean sentimentality would be trite. From Minogue it seems like a perfectly reasonable request.

Don’t come here for any personal revelations. This is pure fantasia. “Rock’n’roller, bring your body closer, shake it on the floor now, like Studio 54 now,” she suggests on Dance Floor Darling, and that’s about as deep as it gets.

There is a sad pop song at the end called Celebrate You in which Minogue exhorts a woman called Mary to feel better about herself, but in the main Disco aims for the simple, but noble task of providing music that cheers you up, while making you want to dance; “grown-up disco”, as its 52-year-old creator puts it. Right now, that’s all we need from Kylie Minogue. (BMG)
Finally heard the full album. I read some of your early thoughts but didn't seek out any leaks. I've got my signed album on the way, the single vinyls on the way but looks like the Deluxe vinyl is delayed to December? Ugh.

Stand out tracks for me are Miss A Thing, Real Groove, Supernova, Say Something, Last Chance, Dance Floor Darling, Fine Wine,

Monday Blues, Where Does The DJ Go?, Unstoppable, and Celebrate You are questionable though I bet Monday Blues will be amazing live (if she performs it).
I know I said this three times now but just started on this album and Miss A Thing/Real Groove have so much potential but she still sounds bored as fuck (the same issue I had with all the pre released tracks).

It was like someone forced her to record it in the studio. Where is the joy? It’s just so lifeless and flat.
Yeah, I don't think she sounds bored or that they are flat (well, Magic is, ddd, but I think it is simply that they chose the wrong key for Kylie thinking the drawn out vocals and lower tone would come across as 'cool' - she just sounds disconnected), but they are definitely the most low key songs on the album. The fact that they are considering to release a second one of these as a single when the rest of the album is there, I-
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