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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Very first impression is that it was a super enjoyable listen, with surprisingly elastic melodies and vocals.
  2. Sounding great! Love this song but would’ve hoped for maybe something Donna Summer related.... like MacArthur Park.... but promo is promo!
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  3. Didn´t she do four or five songs? Hope we will also get videos of those.
  4. I love MacArthur Park - but I adore KM but feel she'd need more than 1 backing singer to sing it.

    It looks like a very complex song to sing.
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  5. A little 'Thank You' introduction message from Kylie on the Amazon Echo this morning when I asked Alexa to play her new album.
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  6. Yes but she could I’m sure. When she did I Feel Love acapella with Georgio Moroder at her Oz Kiss Me Once gigs she sounded incredible.
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  7. Scottish and Northern Irish users.

    If you live within a safe, reasonable distance, there are signed copies of the standard CD in your local hmv. £10.99. First come first served. Most stores were given between 2 and 5 copies each. Stirling, Livingston and Fopp Glasgow did not recieve any. Couldn't say anything until now because of an embargo. The signature is in the booklet, not on the cover.
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  8. LPT


    This Kylighter is about to jump in
  9. Kylie truly said there will be gay rights on the radio today.
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  10. The chorus melody has much more in common with...
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  11. A four star review in today's Times newspaper...

  12. Finally heard the full album. I read some of your early thoughts but didn't seek out any leaks. I've got my signed album on the way, the single vinyls on the way but looks like the Deluxe vinyl is delayed to December? Ugh.

    Stand out tracks for me are Miss A Thing, Real Groove, Supernova, Say Something, Last Chance, Dance Floor Darling, Fine Wine,

    Monday Blues, Where Does The DJ Go?, Unstoppable, and Celebrate You are questionable though I bet Monday Blues will be amazing live (if she performs it).
  13. Yeah, I don't think she sounds bored or that they are flat (well, Magic is, ddd, but I think it is simply that they chose the wrong key for Kylie thinking the drawn out vocals and lower tone would come across as 'cool' - she just sounds disconnected), but they are definitely the most low key songs on the album. The fact that they are considering to release a second one of these as a single when the rest of the album is there, I-
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  14. Not sure if its been said but "where does the dj go" needs an extended mix ala Enough is Enough with a bigger ballad intro.
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  15. Wow talk about absolutel bliss. My first day living together with my LDR boyfriend and listening to my #1 artist and Idol of all time! Kylie, you've made me a extremely happy fan today. I celebrate you indeed. And then some.
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  16. Just had my first listen and it’s brilliant.
  17. I imagine there was one originally but cut down due to it being 2020 and pop tracks being radio/streaming 3 minute friendly.
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  18. Now I know even more than ever why Amazon Music is streaming service of choice.
  19. HMD


    Listening for a 3rd time with decent headphones and DISCO is a certified non-stop solid bop after bop affair.
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