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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. At this point my opinion about Real Groove has improved since yesterday, Magic is still not good enough to waste time hearing it, Where Does the DJ Go? sounds even worse and I'm probably never listening to it again I hated every single time I played it more than the previous one, and Last Chance is both the most unnecessarily loud and the least eloquent/most clunky - she sounds like she's doing acrobatics trying to fit the syllables in those melodies - so I'm letting that one go as well.
    With Real Groove back in my playlist, I'm happy with the 13 tracks I've kept after removing Magic, DJ and Last Chance.
  2. I absolutely love Last Chance. Putting a huge smile on my face!

  3. @RJF on his way!
  4. In a muck spreader.
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  5. I'm glad I didn't take in any reviews on here, I'm on my first listen and it's pure joy.
  6. Real Groove @ Disco Infinity

  7. Something like Monday Blues is nothing like Say Something or Miss a Thing?
  8. Gorgeous.
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  9. Ok so my vinyl and deluxe cd have arrived and I can’t wait to play it but the signed cd hasn’t arrived. Should I be worried?
  10. Not yet.
  11. Monday Blues is the only 'eh??' spot after one listen, but her albums tend to warrant a good half dozen spins before I'll start to build a picture of what I like.
  12. Can someone tell me if she has already performed for Good morning america? Can you tell me about it?
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  13. Monday Blues...... so that happened.
  14. Finally heard it. Just the standard edition. Despite being totally different beasts, I couldn’t help comparing it with Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure. I think DISCO’s perfect for hen parties - especially those organised specifically to help overcome the drudgery of everyday life at the moment, with a fierce focus on FUN (upper-casing and in bold).

    What’s Your Pleasure, on the other hand, is more suited for those introspective, pensive evenings - perfect for those lonely moments at the bar, when we’re wrestling with our secret demons and desires, debating what to do next. To that end, I know which album will have a more important place in my heart this year.

    That said, I love the melodies on Disco. I love her confidence and her exuberance. I will be returning to this album a lot more than I did Golden (which I supported and liked). For me, this is a fantastic return to form and, in many ways, I couldn’t be happier.
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  15. My signed CD just arrived.

    I know it's been discussed to death but, my God, the album cover is hideous. It's somehow even worse in person, especially now seeing the gorgeous picture on the back of the booklet.
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  16. Kylie doing disco/disco-inspired music has no chance of being objectively bad. Her delivery feels genuine and very warm, even if it's a by-the-numbers affair. I'm surprised to like Disco more than I thought I would after being quite underwhelmed with most aspects of the era (Magic and the art direction in particular).

    With that in mind, Disco sounds good. There's not much variation on the album but it ties together nicely. Is it superficial and uninspired in places? To me, yes. But still sounds nice, there's no way it's gonna be bad. But with incredible, varied approaches of the genre this year, this feels a tad more superficial, at least at first play. A lot of replay value for me, though, and I'm sure I'll grow attached to many songs.
  17. 'Fine Wine' and 'Hey Lonely' are the best of the deluxe tracks.
  18. Does anyone have the picture that is used as the cover of the booklet? I want to use that as the album cover
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