Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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Maybe you should've given up on the track, @WhereDoesTheDJGo

Where are you finding the track by track commentary?
I'm quite pleased with the album, it's growing on me.
I need Last Chance to be a single.
Till You Love Somebody should have made the standard.

Not to ruin this for anyone, but is there a glitch on Unstoppable at 1:34, there's some sort of like skipping which I just noticed and now I can't unhear it
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Just played this album through and I'm sitting here happened? All I hear are unmemorable songs and generic production, basically Golden V.2. for me. I love her voice, it’s as beautiful as ever...warm, soothing, perfect for pop music but almost everything else is not befitting of her.

I just played Into The Blue, a song I always liked but never loved and compared to anything on Disco it sounds like a master class in pop has life, vigour, ambition and desire flowing through it’s veins.

Kylie is a fucking pop goddess. For me she is one of the holy trinity including Madonna and Mylène. Maybe she has lost her mojo a bit and it has affected her quality control or maybe she should be working with better people with a more fitting vision for her talents.

Basically I wish I was enjoying this album and I’m not, up until Golden she was bulletproof for me.
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