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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Kylie doing disco/disco-inspired music has no chance of being objectively bad. Her delivery feels genuine and very warm, even if it's a by-the-numbers affair. I'm surprised to like Disco more than I thought I would after being quite underwhelmed with most aspects of the era (Magic and the art direction in particular).

    With that in mind, Disco sounds good. There's not much variation on the album but it ties together nicely. Is it superficial and uninspired in places? To me, yes. But still sounds nice, there's no way it's gonna be bad. But with incredible, varied approaches of the genre this year, this feels a tad more superficial, at least at first play. A lot of replay value for me, though, and I'm sure I'll grow attached to many songs.
  2. 'Fine Wine' and 'Hey Lonely' are the best of the deluxe tracks.
  3. Does anyone have the picture that is used as the cover of the booklet? I want to use that as the album cover
  4. Where are you finding the track by track commentary?
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  5. Don't pay attention to SloMover, @WhereDoesTheDJGo it's a highlight! ddd
    Where is that excerpt from?
  6. I'm going in.

    I hate the Spotify cover, so bad start!
  7. I'm quite pleased with the album, it's growing on me.
    I need Last Chance to be a single.
    Till You Love Somebody should have made the standard.

    Not to ruin this for anyone, but is there a glitch on Unstoppable at 1:34, there's some sort of like skipping which I just noticed and now I can't unhear it
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  9. This album is such a BOP fest.
  10. D-Did she really just go Sesame Street in Monday Blues?

    Kylie, sis... we know the days of the week.
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  12. I know, Craig David taught us them.
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  13. Dance floor Dariling is a triumph. Can see why so many people love it. And then some.
  14. Just played this album through and I'm sitting here happened? All I hear are unmemorable songs and generic production, basically Golden V.2. for me. I love her voice, it’s as beautiful as ever...warm, soothing, perfect for pop music but almost everything else is not befitting of her.

    I just played Into The Blue, a song I always liked but never loved and compared to anything on Disco it sounds like a master class in pop has life, vigour, ambition and desire flowing through it’s veins.

    Kylie is a fucking pop goddess. For me she is one of the holy trinity including Madonna and Mylène. Maybe she has lost her mojo a bit and it has affected her quality control or maybe she should be working with better people with a more fitting vision for her talents.

    Basically I wish I was enjoying this album and I’m not, up until Golden she was bulletproof for me.
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  15. Why is the Last Chance chorus basically lifted from the ATeens

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  16. W2K


    A wee bit emotional watching this, seeing the dancers from the previous two tours back together again and Kylie just being a Goddess as always. Everything seems so near yet so far.
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  18. Have some respect!

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