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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. A-Teens... REALLY QUEEN
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  2. Before my time.
  3. First listen complete and I LOVE this, though I can see it ageing quite quickly.
  4. I love how in her element she sounds on this album. Nobody can do this euphoric feel-good kind of pop better.

    Random but Beyoncé's 'Lay Up Under Me' appeared after I played the album and I realised stylistically how well it would fit on Disco.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Supernova just hit me on my way to work after I was meh about it.
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  7. Dance Floor Darling is absolutely bonkers once the spoken word part kicks in, isn’t it?! Obsessed.

    Definitely need to digest the album a little more before I have a fully formed opinion but I’m enjoying it. It’s straight up fun, glittery music.
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  8. I get that, but at the same time, I don't really get it either. Neither streaming or radio are really here for Kylie, so it seems odd to take them into consideration and potentially compromise your artistic vision, in my opinion. Y'all are probably tired of hearing about Jessie Ware and comparisons to What's Your Pleasure, but most of the tracks on Disco probably would've benefited from 4:00+ lengths and then releasing single mixes for radio and streaming like what Jessie did with What's Your Pleasure or like what Kylie did herself with "Magic."
  9. More tracks but shorter album will more than likely benefit from streams. She is still a commercial artist and although she cannot keep up with younger artists in the streaming field, there are still expectations.
  10. Yeah this album is pure joy. Is it interesting? Does it reinvent wheels? Does it take Kylie in new worlds? No. Does it have cringe parts? Yeah. But what it does offer is the great classic pop she's known for. I'm happy. There are at least 9-10 tracks that make a great 2020 disco pop album, maybe more.
  11. That tempo change in Dance Floor Darling is a little... unnecessary.
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  12. It is kind of unnecessary yet somehow it manages to be one the albums most interesting moments...
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  13. Supernova makes me sad. Her delivery is very Dannii in the verses. It has been the biggest grower for me. It's so good to hear a cowbell in a Kylie song in 2020!
  14. Dance Floor Darling makes me ... feel things.
  15. I care not if any Brian Cox wannabes seethe about what galaxy Jupiter and Mars are in, Supernova is the tits.
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  16. On first listen Dance Floor Darling is the one, its nuts in the best possible way. Im getting a real 80s vibe from it.

    Also, the critical reception in the press to this seems overwhelmingly positive, has she ever had such good reviews? I think the joyous and unpretentious nature seems to be the thing that's winning through.
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  17. Also, Celebrate You is lovely.
  18. SBK


    There's some back in stock

    Of course Royal Mail are on the go slow today.
  19. Just got my signed CD, yay! I know it's better for the environment but damn that card packaging is awful.
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  20. And wake up feeling no regrets
    Gonna make sure that your body won’t forget


    Coz the night ain’t even over yet
    Gonna take you where the music never ends


    My dance floor darling
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