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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. All of us: I wish Kylie would just listen to us and realize that she needs to blah blah blah

    Kylie: I heard my fans want me to blah blah blah

    All of us: *cries, vomits and hides in shame*
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  2. There appears to be 2 signed editions of the standard. The original EU CD (Amazon) and a specific signed edition with a different barcode.
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  3. I admit Kids is enjoyable live even though I drag it.
  4. It goes off every time but I’m so sick of it.
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  5. I think it goes off cause it’s a rockier moment. But she can imo achieve the same with Two Hearts.
  6. I think Monday Blues would snap a neck at any point. I know songs are supposed to slap but that one feels like a soap actress slap wearing a ring on each finger.
  7. The way I keep missing these signed copies...
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  8. It’s just a sticker on the shrink wrap over the top of the existing barcode. The Australian CD is different though, it doesn’t have the tracklist on the back!
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  9. R92


    Whew, Supernova is The One.
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  10. Dancefloor Darling. It’s hitting me over the head with love.
  11. Apparently there are signed LP´s coming, judging by her Instagram story earlier this week.
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  12. Some people keep maintaining they were the Test Pressings but if they were then BMG are scammers because there were waaaay more than 50.
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  13. I’m calling it - low-key critical smash.

    90-All Music
    80-Evening Standard
    80-OMH Music
    80-The Times
    80-The Independent
    80-The Arts Desk
    80-Clash Magazine
    80-Classic Pop
    70-The Age
    70-Rolling Stone
    60-The Telegraph
  14. Exactly. I´m pretty sure she was signing inner sleeves for the vinyls.
  15. Cackling at the album cover looking tragic on the physical copies too. Her worst artwork ever post-PWL.
  16. Phew, after 3 months of nothing, the amount of content we’re getting today is phenomenal.
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  17. The Disco artwork to me looks much better than Kiss Me Once and Golden - but I think we have had this "awful artwork" conversation a few too many times already.
  18. I don’t mean to be harsh but the cover does look really... garish on vinyl. It really isn’t visually appealing which is a huge shame because there were so many better images to pick from.

    The vinyl colours themselves look gorgeous though!
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  19. Fine Wine is that low-key bop. It makes me feel like I'm doing a photoshoot for Vogue.
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  20. Till You Love Somebody should have been on the standard! A perfect sunset on the beach song!
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