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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Fine Wine is that low-key bop. It makes me feel like I'm doing a photoshoot for Vogue.
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  2. Till You Love Somebody should have been on the standard! A perfect sunset on the beach song!
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  3. Imagine they’d chosen one of the colourful close-ups from the booklet and made the vinyl cover foil/iridescent? Wig. Oh well!!!!!
  4. I suspect Kylie has been listening to Sinatra. “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars / Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.”

    Anyhoo, “Supernova” needs to be the next single.
  5. I love how the production of the album sounds more like Boney M and less Dua Lipa. Say Something is the exception, but I can never have enough sublime Parlophone-era like Kylie moments.
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  6. I hope so. Mushroom here in Australia are running a Facebook competition (in 2020) to win signed LPs. So those signed vinyl might just be for promo. Hopefully some will be for sale too.
  7. A Facebook competition? I have to laugh...
  8. The GMA performance looks lit

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  9. She looks great! I though she would be doing Magic - maybe she does two songs?
    Hope the full performance will be available soon.
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  10. That camera work is not it.
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  11. This. Immaculately produced track. I was thinking "Hmm Kylie could've taken a more mysterious take on her vocals here." But then I was like, "Wtf sis Kylie's voice gives the track more personality" and let the track wash over me.

    I'm listening to the rest of the album right now and it's such a chill, good listen so far! I wish there were more visuals, even just concept photos.
  12. The camera work it why it looks so good.
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  14. I think the lighting’s the issue, looks like it’s attached to the camera so the movement is distracting. It’d probably look quite good with a static light set up.
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  15. Supernova is the long lost sister of this galactic banger and I am HERE for it.

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  16. I enjoy it but it also sets off my anxiety.

    L-O-L I guess?
  17. And maybe also:

  18. With the exception of 'Monday Blues' (this really sounds like a Golden outtake) I pretty much liked everything on first listen. A handful of tracks will need a few more listens to really gel. Some big highlights throughout. Yes, lyrically it's pretty dumbed down and in an odd way it's strange that Kylie co-wrote these because they could be written by anyone. That said, it's a fun album, it's what she said it would be and I'm not disappointed. I'm looking forward to hearing the performances of some of these tomorrow.
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