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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Nooo nope nope no
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  3. Both the ABC and GMA sites have the sound out of synch. I wonder if it was like this in the broadcast?

  4. No reason, except tune.
  5. I think this album narrowly avoids the issues I thought it would have. Maybe it's just the high of that dumpster being escorted from the White House but I'm enjoying this a lot. A fun, disco influenced collection of bops. She could've went harder and did something interesting with these influences, but I'll take it.

    Miss a Thing, Supernova, & Dance Floor Darling are the ones right now. Monday Blues sounds like it could be a K-pop girl group song (in a good way).

    I definitely think it's a step up from Golden, even though I loved that album.
  6. The way Kylie has unintentionally sang in Trump’s departure.

    We have to Stan. Can we have her for the inauguration pls.
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  8. The H from Steps style “ooh ooh” in the final chorus of Where Does The DJ Go? shouldn’t work but it does
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  9. Just had my first listen and there’s not a song I hate! Now I’m truly regretting not purchasing that marble vinyl!
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  10. Oh god I just noticed they silenced the word “coming”. For me that’s up there with the Graham Norton performance of Slow as the best tv performance she’s done in years.
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  11. Some of the melodies here are really prodigious even if a bit déjà entendu. Real Groove is incredible.
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  12. I’d say the GMA performance is one of her best in a long time - great to see her “perform” a bit more again.

    Say Something beaming hope and positivity over Times Square is what the world needs right now - it brought a tear to my eye.
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  13. Only if she opens with “The Word Is Out”
  14. Celebrate You going back into Magic is so satisfying. Whew we love an incentive to keep the album on repeat. Yes I know there are bonus tracks I need to find nn.
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  15. Nai nai kai pali nai.
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  16. Having Kylie singing this song on US TV at the same time as it looks like the USA will finally get rid of that "president" is really a wonderful moment. Fantastic performance!
  17. ‘So Now Goodbye’ would be pretty apt. Change the lyrics a bitsy.
  18. Yup the other album tracks she definitely sounds more “engaged” on and the usual Kylie vocals. I agree with you, it could be the monotone style they were going for or the key.

    Oh well. At least I have a handful of tracks to enjoy. I’m Kylie lover I was just surprised at what I heard with the initial tracks.
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  19. She’s on the Pitchfork “Albums you should listen to this week”. I wonder if they’ll do a review.

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