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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Atomic Kitten's Be with You had more warm and depth and evoked more of a sense of Studio 54 than all of this.
  2. This is pure and utter joy. Even better with what is going on in the US atm
  3. But it didn't, though.
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  4. Now I have had a few full listens I can form a full opinion/review.


    This is a basic Kylie pop album with some Disco flourishes in it. This isn't a bad thing, she does carefree pop so perfectly but it does have a lack of depth to it that I kind of want. It's by no means a bad album but it's not outstanding either. I am well aware that she is beyond needing approval from people and she has proved herself but that doesn't mean she can't make more of an effort to push herself. She can bash out songs like this in her sleep.

    I don't think it's wrong to hope for Kylie to step outside her comfort zone a bit. Of course the music is still fine without her doing that but there will always be room for more and a longing for more.

    Miss A Thing and Real Groove are a knockout pair in terms of production, really funky and I can see the Dua influence there.

    Supernova, Monday Blues, Fine Wine and Where Does The DJ Go? are classic Kylie campness. Supernova is the stand out on the album for me along with Last Chance. Monday Blues needed another listen or two to really connect. Celebrate You is lovely too but not an instant hit for me.

    Dance Floor Darling is great but I don't find it as amazing as many people here. I do love the manic ending though.

    Hey Lonely and Till You Love Somebody are decent but not needed on the main version (I think Fine Wine is the only bonus that should have been a main album track)

    Unstoppable and Spotlight are the closest to filler on the album for me.

    Say Something, Magic and I Love It are all still lovely. I'd put Magic in the top third of the album, the other two are mid tier Disco for me.

    All in all it's another strong album from Kylie even though I long for more. It's a nice escape to the dancefloor in my head and I need that. I am not bothered by the shallowness of the lyrics because it's really needed and Kylie is one of the few artists who can sound convincing and sincere even when singing about nothing in particular.

    Top 5: Supernova, Last Chance, Magic, Fine Wine, Real Groove.
  5. I don’t think we need to engage with every negative opinion posted here when the general and critical reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Let’s not get this locked again.
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  6. "Cause love is love, it never ends / Can we all be as one again?" after(during) this election fiasco... it really takes on a new meaning. That was beautiful.
  7. The GMA performance is something else considering it's her and some LED boxes. She really kills these types of performances where others can't come close.
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  8. This album is soooo good. Real Grove, Last Chance, Where Does The Dj Go? are my favorite right now!
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  9. Yes, they reviewed Golden and they are all over the Disco revival.
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  10. Say Something ringing in Trump’s demise while the numbers rolled in below her while she performed is honestly iconic dddd
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  11. Oofff, this is perfection. The styling is on point this era.
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  12. Well, after having a proper listen today after my nightshift I'm really loving this! Miss a Thing, Real Groove, Supernova, Where Does the DJ Go?, Dance Floor Darling, Celebrate a You and Fine Wine are the initial standouts for me. I'm thrilled at the overall positive critical acclaim. The mixed reviews on here (though they seem to be getting more positive as people have time with the album) doesn't surprise me, Kylie has always seemed to divide pop fans on here and it'll never change. I'm just enjoying the bops!

    Really looking forward to Graham Norton tonight!
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  13. She could have pushed it further and once again I stand by that she should have thrown in a few moments to breathe on the album but overall for me DISCO is better than Golden. She’s serving looks, performance, and also getting some acclaim for it so carry on.
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  14. This album continues to grow. Such excellence.
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  15. Okay Jenny
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  16. Oh, so this is DISCO disco.
  17. Dance Floor Dali
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  18. I can’t with those “beep beeps”’on Fine Wine. I hate them but...kind of love them at the same time.
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  19. I honestly think this album is fantastic, I'm just not hearing the cheesy/loud/cheap ect complaints. I'm a pretty easy to please pop fan, generally.

    With repeated listens its grown on me to the point where I pretty much love every track. The vocal effects work fine to me, she's had songs littered through her discography with tons of vocoder effects and the like. The slightly tinny or low-fi feel matched to the genre of music so it really doesn't register to me like it did with 'Golden'. It could help I'm in a really celebratory mood right now, but Disco is hitting the spot perfectly, high BPM and all!
  20. I do think this album is going to sound bloody fantastic live. When she eventually gets back on the road its really going to feel very special.
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