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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I am addicted to Where Does the DJ Go. Repeated all morning
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  2. oh sorry, I did mean to say the US- Ariana’s numbers aren’t final in the UK yet. I was just responding to that post asking if Ari will be a threat to Little Mix and Kylie
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  3. Howling at GMA censoring “coming” ddd

  4. You could buy a ticket or ticket and album.

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  5. The album is nothing groundbreaking but it's just pure and utter joy and that is what we all need right now. The melodies are gorgeous and she sounds great throughout. I've had it on a loop all day and I love it more with every listen. Celebrate You, Miss A Thing, Real Groove, Dance Floor Darling and Supernova are the ones for me.
  6. Do we think she has a shot at #1? Or is it too early to tell? Word of mouth seems really good and she has fantastic promo too.
  7. Yes, I have lost track of where the chart battle is. Her main rival is Little Mix right? Could she beat them without the streaming they have? I guess team Kylie are flogging the multiple formats?
  8. Omg I would be Tash.
  9. I was between Tash and Jenny but J won cause... iconic and needs the promo.
  10. W2K


    I’ll be Kerreh cause... problematic.
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  11. Just finished my second listen. I don't really care for any of the bonus tracks, but as far as the standard edition goes, my top picks are absolutely Miss a Thing, Say Something, Dance Floor Darling, and Supernova, with the latter possibly being my favorite new song. The lows for me are Monday Blues (maybe it'll grow on me?), I Love It, and Unstoppable.
  12. THIS.

    Most of these songs will absolutely come to life in the eventual tour. 'Dancefloor darling' will go OFF after the spoken word bit. 'Celebrate you' will be a massive hug. 'Magic' will be a massive bop. 'Say something' will have everyone in tears. 'Last chance' will be a massive glitterball thrill. Just be patient everyone! We'll get there!
  13. Kylie will do much better on physicals, she´s doing some great promo and the album is getting good reviews. I am pretty confident she will take the top spot.
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  14. Kerreh wasn't around for Be With You - I was being respectful of the eras.
  15. On top of everything else that’s been said, Kylie has also had 2 #1 albums in the time since Little Mix have had their only #1 album. Fairly sure Kylie will get it but it’ll be a close race I think.
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  16. Kylie really and truly deserves the #1 spot here. She's done it yet again for me and delivered such a great fun filled album. Perfect for trying to forget about the mess called 2020.
  17. Is the blue cassette at the Kylie Store different from the one included in the previous (now sold out) bundles? Still waiting for my order to arrive so I´m not sure if the one I ordered was blue.

    Also, did anyone get dispatch e-mails from her store? All three of my orders are shown as complete but I did not get a single e-mail.
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  18. I've never listened to a single Kylie Minogue album but too many f****** have texted me about it today so I'm giving it a spin. Two tracks in and I'm loving it.
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  19. Atomic Kitten evoked Oceana not Studio 54.
  20. It’s the same cassette.
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