Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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Okay so I’ve had my first couple of listens and it’s a fine record. I think I definitely need more time with it, but based on first impressions I definitely like Miss a Thing, Dance Floor Darling, Till You Love Somebody and Hey Lonely (this one is probably my favorite).
It's moments like this,and it was a Moment that make being a long time fan so rewarding. She did this for us, she did this for they joy and love of her craft. She is on another level. The record came to life and the classics easily slip in to help the narrative along smoothly. Was it disappointing to not here Your Disco Needs You? Absolutely but it just makes the thirst for eventual Infinite Disco Live greater.
This album deserves a better cover. I need to go searching for some decent fanmade ones,

Hey Lonely is the main grower for me today. The second "I have a question for you" really soars.
If she does Infinite Disco part two, or a full tour at some point, I hope Celebrate You finds its way onto the setlist (and of course my darling Your Disco Needs you and Wow)
Loved the stream! Slow was, yet again, a highlight.

I actually haven't had chance to listen to the album bar the singes, but what I've heard on the stream, the albums shapes up to be another Kylie moment!

I received the deluxe vinyl, and it doesn't look very 'marbled' to me? If you hold it to the light you can see the faintest hint of a marble effect, but it's a different shade of blue really. Or that might just be my copy?!
Ok I am glad I wasn‘t the only with some quality problems. The audio was fantastic but the video feed was more like 480p most of the time which is a bit sad when you actually paid for it. Still hope we can buy the show at some point.
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