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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Obviously the album's too new to have a fully formed opinion of it yet (for me anyway) but is it fair to say that this has been her most instant album in a loooooong time? I loved Golden but other than 2 or 3 tracks the rest needed a few listens to click (and they absolutely clicked cause it was the soundtrack of my 2018 summer).
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  2. Well both the video and a “live album” are out there.
  3. The way Disco is spinning me around like:[​IMG]
  4. Is the video in HD? I would happily pay for a HD download.
  5. I think the stream itself was a bit shocking anyway so doubt there is a full HD version out there.
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  7. Saw this message from Kylie. Guess we are eventually getting an Infinite Disco tour after all!
  8. That is what I worried about with the streaming. I had no time to watch it anyways.
    Wish she had just offered this as a download from her store.
  9. I think she might but if she releases it right away it will defeat the purpose of everyone sharing a moment at the same time. I think in the live listening party she did, she said something like "you can only watch it once, for now". Give it a few weeks or months and it will be out there I'm sure.
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  10. Disco’s holding up quite well on Spotify. 2.1 million streams yesterday, down from 2.6 on Friday.
  11. It's great to see her doing so well at this stage of her career. Incredible that she outsold Kiss Me Once's first-week sales in a day despite sales collapsing since then!
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  12. Does anyone know the limited-ness of each pressing? Specifically the blue and the turquoise ones (I know the marble already sold out)
  13. She and her team have to be formulating a touring plan, it’s such an enormous revenue stream for her. But considering how backed up arenas are going to be when gigs start happening again I can’t see it in 2021 sadly. Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if some dates are pencilled in and they are just waiting to press go. If that’s the case I’d expect some announcements in the next few weeks to ride to coat tails of the albums success.
  14. I went to watch Infinite Disco again and it seems the link expired. Shame.
  15. Thanks, I'll order this as I loved the album, but hopefully she releases a bundle with Infinite Disco (video + studio versions) too at some point... I'd also love to buy a signed album, they were gone the moment I clicked to order last time...
    I'd also be interested in the deluxe vinyl, but only if it was in a bundle, as I have no means to play it, it would have collectible value for me.
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  16. MB


    Surely planning a tour for late 2021 / early 2022 isn't too far fetched an idea? I mean Little Mix booking in an arena tour for May is very ambitious but I'm crossing everything i'm back on a dance floor getting sweaty with strangers by this time next year.
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  17. It's 1.3 GB, quality is very very good.
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  18. nevahmind found the goods
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  19. MB


    I quite fancied the 'infinite disco' poster, but £6 postage!? No thanks Ms Minogue.
  20. I think the reason I'm not crazy about this album is that the first three tracks promise a much slinkier, more sophisticated affair than what follows. Magic, Miss a Thing, Real Groove kick things off supremely and feel like the Light Years/Fever hybrid sound I never expected her to revisit. It falls apart a bit later on - some of these songs feel painfully juvenile and underwritten/overproduced, many are too fast giving the melodies zero breathing space, or in some cases just noisy. Major overuse of vocal effects across the board.

    Say Something's brilliance is especially highlighted in the middle of the album, though, and I Love It is pretty sublime. Celebrate You is a gorgeous closer, even if it is very Into The Blue redux, and Supernova is growing quite a bit. I would also add Till You Love Somebody in the main tracklist, it's really strong.

    I don't think I ever need to hear Where Does the DJ Go? or Last Chance again, and I still don't think Sky Adams is the collaborator for her. There's a cheapness to his tracks which the much classier Teemu and Biff tracks do not suffer from.

    Overall it's not her strongest post-00 album and probably not the weakest either. Personally I feel it is a bit of a missed opportunity to really explore disco as a genre in the wider sense, and sonically plays it safe in a year when several disco-themed records really went for it. But Magic is my favourite Kylie single in a decade and there's plenty here to love and time for some of the rest to grow, so I'm a happy fan.
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