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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. At least they played SS and talked about Disco.
  2. Thanks a lot, got it.
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  3. New chart peaks for Say Something and Magic would be wonderful.
    I would love a Say Something UK TV performance, though. I think that would really give the campaign a boost.
    Props to BMG for giving Kylie three fabulous album launches so far. They're managing to market her in ways that Parlophone just couldn't towards the end.
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  4. They can’t play every song in the chart update.
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  5. "After a few embarrassing “Zoom Hangs,” someone came up with the idea of a virtual concert. Fans could pay a reduced amount to watch a pre-recorded show from the comfort of their own home. So far, the results have been mixed. It all just feels a little stale and lifeless without the energy of a live audience. Kylie Minogue, however, has cracked the code."
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  6. Yes, BMG have been a perfect fit for Kylie. This feels like a proper 21st century album campaign.
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  7. What were they watching?
  8. I’m afraid both 7” have been sold out for a while now. Download is the only way to go, unless you want to line the pockets of eBay opportunists...
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  9. My Say You'll Be There CD single is shaking!
  10. I still haven't come down from Infinite Disco...

    The Magic / Come into My World intro was sublime and the way it launched immediately into I Love It was great. That new remix of In Your Eyes is absolutely fantastic, giving Dua's Hallucinate vibes, and the way that chorus is arranged was unreal, @biff stannard I applaud you. The fact that we got a performance of Light Years in 2020 is just unbelievable, and the mix was great too, plus she NAILED that high note, I also had several consecutive seizures when it transitioned from Light Years into Supernova, and once again those high notes in Supernova were so unexpected. I liked the I Should Be So Lucky tease, and that performance just shows that Dancefloor Darling is MADE for tour.

    The remix of All the Lovers has actually made me like the song, and that's saying something; plus the way it transitions from All the Lovers into Say Something was a lovely sonic experience. Real Groove. Well. What more can you say, really? Unreal. It amazes me that Slow can literally be put into any style of song and still smash, that remix was utterly fantastic! The one-two punch of Monday Blues and Where Does the DJ Go? worked really well, Monday Blues shines live and I really enjoyed watching it.

    It's nice to hear a new arrangement of Love at First Sight after 6 years of the same arrangement, and she sounded AMAZING on it vocally, the best she's sang it, once again, in about 6 years. Last Chance is great, I think that's another one to shine live, and I appreciate the album version a lot more now. Magic closing was a surprise but it worked really well and also shows again that DISCO is absolutely made to be showcased in an arena.

    I am utterly Shocked (KylieFever2002 studio version) that she didn't perform Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Spinning Around and On a Night Like This, but I'm glad they got given a rest for once. All in all, a great 50 minutes, and I could have sat there for 3 hours watching more, but alas.

    Also, DISCO as a whole is really growing on me. I loved it to begin with but it just seems to be getting better with each listen. My top 3 at the moment are Miss a Thing, Real Groove and Where Does the DJ Go? Oh and it's a crime she didn't perform Miss a Thing.
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  11. Miss A Thing and Supernova being the most viewed tracks on her Youtube feels correct.
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  12. I’m so glad the album has grown on so many including myself. I think just the way the world is right now affects moods and my first listen I wasn’t in the right head space. Repeated listens and then lasts nights show has cemented this as a potential Kylie classic as Kylie + Disco should be. The songs are real ear worms and I’ve found myself waking up singing some in the shower (Real Groove, Where Does The DJ Go and Monday Blues especially). As expected Kylie has saved 2020 for me - and I’m sure so many more. The woman just generates pure light and joy.
  13. Wonderful that Say Something got some Radio 1 exposure. What a two fingers up to their ageism. I hope team Kylie are thrilled.
  14. The amount of top quality content we’ve had from Kylie in the past 3 days is just...staggering, I’m really struggling to keep up.

    From this:

    To this:

    ...and this

    And the quality never dips. An amazing album, a superb livestream, interviews galore...Streaming and most radio work hard to shut her out, but honestly Kylie just works harder. She really is one of a kind.
  15. The visuals Kylie was able to deliver with Infinite Disco were spectacular. The entire show was dazzling to watch. I just want to rewatch the show over and over!
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  16. I'm right there with you. Lacklustre songwriting aside, I think Sky Adams' songs just aren't well produced (on Golden and Disco) in a technical sense - everything's compressed to the max, it's all so loud and shrill. Hence they sound flat because every instrument is right at the forefront.
    I'm guessing Steve Anderson tinkered a bit with them for Infinite Disco, since they sounded much better there.

    She must like Adams though and I guess she will probably work with him in the future.
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  17. I really don't get underwritten from this. Maybe if you look at the lyrics on paper? I think it is mostly tightly written when you also take how everything translates to melody into account. Among grand moments, very short and fast paced moments, or considerably different bits flowing seamlessly into one another, AND how the melodies fit/reference the Disco theme, it feels like one of her strongest efforts songwriting-wise and incredibly evocative?

    [edit: I still only notice moments in Last Chance that don't feel eloquent/natural, and Magic has some innane repetition in the verses, otherwise everything feels perfectly fluent and fitting the mood and style it is trying to convey to me.]

    It also takes a level of professionalism, dedication, conviction, whatever you wanna call it to stick to so many songs with 'silly' and 'frivolous' content and pull them all off so well? These are not songs that sound 'fake' or basic to me at all for example, which is the greatest risk when trying to write something silly/fun. I didn't feel like any of these are not honest/effortless/natural coming from Kylie

    Eight tracks on this record are among her best ever in my opinion, and most of the rest are not too far behind...

    Twins! (I mean, I still don't really like All The Lovers, both I Believe In You and Into The Blue remain superior, but the improvement, especially for its otherwise incredibly limp and paper-thin middle 8, is astounding.)
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  18. Miss A Thing. It’s the one it really is. I haven’t stopped humming it to myself since Friday
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  19. Um yeah, so after Disco became a global soundtrack to Tr*mp losing, Infinite Disco blowing me away with its aesthetic + the new songs blending seamlessly with classics...

    I'm loving this album more and more. Even Monday Blues got me today!
  20. Supernova going into Say Something. Perfection.
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