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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. So does DISCO TV contribute to this then? As it's streaming all her album tracks in between her other hits. But if it doesn't then I'll just stream the album on Apple Music.
  2. Show us !
  3. When I was a mod the very first report I ever had was about just this. I can't remember who it was or what thread they were 'threatening' but it was something like "let's form a pincer attack" (I'd never forget use of that word) - I don't think they followed through though.
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  4. Radio 2 have made Disco 'Album of the Week', playing Miss A Thing as I speak.
  5. The album is exceptional. It's everything the world has always loved about Kylie distilled into one listening experience. I hear the nods to disco from the 70s, but that early 00s nu-disco feel still dominates which is quite lovely. I actually hear a lot of Jamiroquai circa 'A Funk Odyssey' in parts.

    The most surprising part is the strength of Kylie's vocals and the fact that they often dominate the tracks. I found the production on 'Golden' a little muddy at times, as if a gossimer sheen had been applied and flattened everything into a layer of molasses. Here Kylie's voice is the guiding force that anchors the album. I don't know whether the lockdown narrative is making me focus on them more or whether that actually had an influence on the quality of the vocals and her performances, but as a longtime listener it is really noticeable.

    My standouts are 'Dance Floor Darling' and 'Miss A Thing', but every song is deserving of its place on the album. Although the high points on the intervening albums might have been stronger, as a body of work this is her most consistent album since 'Aphrodite' and for me her best since 'Fever'. The assuredness that emerged during the 'Golden' era remains super evident here. The whole campaign has been a winner and 'Infinite Disco' on Saturday night just elevated that to a whole other level. To create a varied concert experience on a soundstage in one costume with just lights, lasers and a smattering of dancers and vocalists was something truly special. Kylie's ability to now 'stand and deliver' is a testament to her natural charisma and her sincerity - you never doubt that she believes what she is singing, whether it's an evergreen she has done thousands of times over or a straightforward lyric about dancing. Over recent years, Kylie has become the focus of her live performances rather than one cog in the machinery and it makes me emotional to see her step into that spotlight knowing that she has so deservedly earned it.

    Along with the new material, the 'Slow/Love To Love You Baby' mashup gave me goosebumps and I also thought 'Light Years' received the best ever arrangement (especially with the robotic reverb for the spoken word section). 'Kylie' really is Australian shorthand for 'joy'.

  6. Thanks for the clarification. It seems to change just when I get used to it, so I get a Little Mixed up.
  7. I thought Little Mix would've gained more because of the streaming. Really chuffed for Kylie and her team right now. She truly deserves the #1.
  8. I believe the UK charts make it so that they only count the week that they are physically dispatched. So I think if you purchase that now, it would count towards the chart that week in December. I’m not 100% though!
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  9. It was in the Herald-Sun, in Melbourne. I don't buy newspapers, but I saw a promo on the cover and looked inside at the cut-out coupon. Amazing.
  10. That was the difference for me in the narrative, if you will. It was specific rather than indiscriminate, and followed a pattern. Taking the bait does mean shared responsibility, indeed.
  11. W2K


    Has anyone else not received their signed CD from the official store? Starting to panic.
  12. Mine is being delivered today.
  13. After only 3 days this already has the 5th highest opening figures of the year in the U.K. Whether this sells another copy this week, or if Little Mix take no 1, her reinvention over the past 4 years has been staggering and a masterclass in navigating an industry that doesn’t view people over a certain age favourably.

    After the dismal failure of Kiss Me Once (I don’t think I’ve ever had a clearer notion that a star’s career was essentially done after watching the Cancel video and just feeling that it was...over), then swinging it back, commercially at least, with Golden, getting the critics back on board with Glastonbury and now releasing Disco which seems to be having both critical and commercial success.
  14. Have you gotten an e-mail and/or a tracking number on the web page? My order has said complete for days but I received no e-mail or a tracking number.

    I contacted them over the weekend and received a reply last night, saying that order had not shipped yet but that they were working very hard to get everything out.
  15. I had an email off Royal Mail saying a package from TMstores is being delivered today. Don’t worry, it will turn up!
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  16. I hope this isn't against the rules for posting! We produced a Say Something tribute/fund raiser music video with Onya Becks, inspired by the Say Something video and a presumed Infinite Disco mood. I thought someone might appreciate!

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  17. Absolutely brilliant. 'Should've Been The Video'
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  18. I've read that the sales update for Monday is
    Kylie 37k (+2.5k) Little Mix 34.5k (+2.7k).

    So it's going to be tight with Little Mix's lead on streaming.
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  19. W2K


    I had an email to say it was dispatched but no tracking number...
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