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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. History has shown that albums with streaming hits eventually do better as the week ends, so it will be a hard one.
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  2. Kylie needs to get her pen out.
  3. Am sure both camps will have something planned with it being this close.

    Sell the vinyl with the stream etc,
    Signed vinyl,
    T shirt bundle.
  4. I never noticed the frogs at the beginning of Where The Wild Roses Grow. #DISCOTV
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  5. Those sales suggest she's looking at around 47.5k by Friday.
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  6. Magic just brings me so much JOY. Its the perfect album opener and the perfect single for this second lockdown. Queen.

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  7. KM could offer a bundle with
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  8. Make it happen Queens

  9. The Body Language and Ultimate Kylie eras were the first I remember as a child, and then X was the first where I rushed out to buy the album on the day of release/was fully aware of the singles, tracklisting, everything about the era - so there is something so right about a Kylie release in November/Q4 to me!
  10. Manifesting this:
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  11. Perhaps you did not choose tracked shipping? In any case, if you had the e-mail the package should be on it´s way to you.
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  12. Oh they are just teasing us now, swear if this doesn’t happen...
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  13. Thank you, this was helpful

    Thanks. To be safe I ordered the deluxe on Amazon (I actually prefer the square format to the book one). Then I remembered I ordered 2 signed CD from HMV the other day, which added to the vinyl means I bought 4x copies of the album now, how does this always happen "lol"?!
  14. Just received my items from Townsend... and they’ve sent me the Standard CD instead of the Deluxe. Hopefully this will be fixed painlessly and quickly.

    In other news, apparently Little Mix have a GoFundMe page going to purchase additional units of their album, and the Official Charts are aware and “taking action to remove non genuine purchases”.
  15. Can’t stop listening to this utter joy of a track.

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  16. Ten versions of the album purchased in five different orders and not one copy has reached me yet. Amazon UK have not even dispatched my deluxe copy, although I ordered it over a week ago and they clearly have stock.
  17. What an album X is!
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  18. 1B2D5D9D-40C1-4227-8BD4-F477781988CD.jpeg
    Scream. Which of you contacted the OCC to allege Little Mix fans are chart rigging?
  19. There are plenty of undispatched copies etc that should give her figures a boost.
    And its almost INEVITABLE that we'll see a price drop on Thursday and 2000 signed rainbow vinyls.
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  20. Why is chart-obsessed pettiness so hilarious? I mean obviously I'm glad OCC are aware of it but Kylie and LM fans are very that right now:

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