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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Agree. It's still album of the year for me though.
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  2. I bloody love where she's signed the vinyl. Gutted I missed it.
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  3. it depends if the store is a part of the german charts counter. For example when I buy in the Kylie UK store It will not count towards the German charts.

    Bye the way, the German charts are based on income, not units. If someone like Kylie sells more physical copies (more money) she will go higher in the charts than an album that is only streamed a lot (less income)
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  4. In spirit and sound it's a more purely disco record than Disco, ironically.
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  5. Connect to a VPN and place your order. I'm in Oz and just got the signed CD and print.
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  6. Disco is Kylie’s own brand of disco, which I believe is something she’s said since “Say Something” dropped and everyone was confused why it wasn’t a version of “Last Dance”. What’s Your Pleasure might be more “true” to the sound it’s been inspired by, but I don’t think either are wrong.
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  7. Agreed, there is no right or wrong. And in general anything disco is pretty right, especially right now.

    Hope she clinches that German #1!
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  8. This is how charts should be done !!!
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  9. Debating which cd to go for. Those bonus tracks being on a second disc is SO annoying... like its a chore switching the customer out for a few tracks.

    But I want to support her... decisions decisions.

    Anyone bought the deluxe hardback? Is it nice?
  10. Her label and team have been pretty much flawless this era. These slow-drip physicals are annoying and will mean the album drops like a stone in the second week, but the hustle is fantastic to watch.
  11. Its a Marketing A Level / Degree case study in action!
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  12. Giving 'Disco TV' a go. Needed to break as I was getting 'Disco' fatigue. My Alexa is streaming 'Disco' and Apple Music on my phone with the sound down though, so I am getting in my 10 streams a day on different platforms.
  13. 2 discs ? According to the official store and Amazon Uk, numeber of discs: 1 ! Checked Discogs, too and it's always 1 disc
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  14. I think her label will have things in place to sustain the momentum over the next few months.
  15. This album continues to impress and grow on me with every listen however that run of Supernova - Say Something - Last Chance - I Love It is impeccable!

    Even those tracks I was unsure of at first (Where Does the DJ Go?) I'm loving. Monday Blues still feels a little out of place but I can dig it.
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  16. Whoops this fine wine is impeding my ability to shop... thanks. Deluxe it is! X
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  17. It's just 1 CD for Deluxe Editions.
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  18. I'd have thought she'll be top ten for week 2. Both Golden and Step Back In Time had staying power in the charts.
  19. Of course I do some studying for my final exams today and I miss the signed vinyl. Do we think she will put more up?
  20. I wouldn’t be surprised if some more appears. I missed it too but I’ve bought everything else so I’m not too bothered.
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