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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I guess your dad thought it was worth a shot, hey?

    Same reason my dad let me have Sabrina posters in my room.
  2. When she signed to BMG I was a bit worried but they've one a great job so far.
  3. They most certainly have, long may it continue too.
  4. I understand they perhaps gave UK orders priority, so those sales would be counted for the chart.
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  5. She's had #1's with three albums, in three years, simultaneously in the UK and Australia. It's insane.
  6. I never received a shipping notification but I emailed their customer support yesterday morning and they said it had been shipped.
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  7. The album is actually holding up quite well on iTunes, the deluxe is #2, ahead of a lot of new entries & the standard is #16.
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  8. That's a clever photoshop of this image -

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  9. Truly so-and in the best way too!
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  10. Lovely to see this trending at #6 on YouTube in the UK!
  11. Love that she managed to get her vintage disco lamp in the video again.
  12. She's absolutely the best artist of all time for me, this era even more so.
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  13. My CD came today signed which was a huge relief. Feel for anyone disappointingly not receiving as purchased. Probably the best CD I have ever purchased and the only one I will probably never use on a record player.
  14. I think that y'all linked to Kylie's interview with Elle a couple of pages back. I wonder if they got Kylie to do Song Association as well. That'd be a great piece of promo.
  15. My package my friend's house in the UK. So it's good to know that it... exists, ddd. Hopefully it won't get lost on its way to me!
  16. When was the supposed deluxe amazon exclusive coming out? It's not listed anymore, right?
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  18. Think it's due Black Friday?
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  19. 27th November
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  20. Uncut's 50% and Beats Per Minutes' 62% dragged down Disco's Metacritic score, but it's still at a respectable 75%.
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