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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Tonal sophistication is the opposite of what this album wants to achieve. There's a difference between the music being mindless and the music being determined to turn your brain off. The latter is what the album's goal is. To stop you from thinking and just stick to feeling. The goal is escapism and nothing but. And that sentiment is 100% disco. DISCO is disco beyond just the instrumentation. Release, relief and escape for those who need it. And 2020 is the perfect context and backdrop for an album like this.

    I don't know if I'll love the album less once the "new factor" wears off but I know that if it included anything that wasn't fun, light and airy it would've diluted the product. It would become an album that is too carefree instead of an album that is intentionally nothing but carefree. The album makes a statement by never trying to make a statement.

    There is not a single moment to breathe, reflect, calm down. Even Say Something that's meant to be a cool-down, is grand and epic in its own unique way. There's poignancy there but the only truly sentimental moment is reserved for the closing track, after the journey's over (talking about the standard edition).

    I was in the camp that wanted moody, darker, sophisticated Disco (and would still love her to do that) but even a couple tracks of that would've defeated the purpose of how relentlessly joyful the album aims to be.

    It's a firework display. Some of the fireworks are bigger than others but all of them are short, to the point, uncomplicated and mesmerizing.

    Obviously it's all subjective and some things won't work for everyone, but I just disagree with the insinuation that this is a lazy, auto-pilot attempt at a disco inspired album. To me, there's a very deliberate creative decision tying together every single one of those 12 tracks.
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  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Dd not the Pitchfork review completely summarizing my thoughts on the album.
  3. A good year for music acts from Melbourne, Australia.
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  4. I really liked Kylie's countdown leading into that part in the Infinite Disco performance, as well as the fact that she was singing along to the manipulated vocal with her regular voice. It made a world of a difference. I've grown to enjoy it as it is in the album, but it definitely took a while and it remains a flaw, or at the very least inferior to the Infinite Disco version.

  5. DISCO is in at #25 with approximately 20,169 units—her highest US chart placement since Aphrodite debuted at #19, and besting its first week sales of 18k!
  6. Top 30 in the US is pretty good, higher than I expected.
  7. RJF


    Is the Pitchfork review even particularly negative in tone? It basically says she’s capable of far better than surface-level pastiche, which she very much is. The album’s entire problem is squandered potential; a dance-pop Kylie should... simply be better than this, whether or not the intention was to make escapist, fun pop music. Like, when has Kylie’s intention been anything other than that?
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Hey, her best sales week since Body Language at that!
  9. I think we have a winning take.
  10. Disco was no 2 on sales only chart in the US.

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  11. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm...?

    If my comment was unclear I can elaborate. The individual tracks not being about something specific and sophisticated (ie making a statement) results in the album as a whole delivering a strong message on the importance of escapism.
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  12. I hope they move onto Real Groove soon. Unlike Golden, I think there is potential for songs like that and Miss a Thing to actually transcend the Radio 2 audience to an extent if she performs it on Strictly and gives it some mass exposure. Magic does seem to be hanging around a bit, it’s getting around 200k streams a day and has been top 20 on iTunes for a couple of weeks now.
  13. Old white men truly ruin everything.
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  14. Seems really odd to me how they didn't when they posted its performance... Especially if it is true that it will be used as the 'proper' video for the song.
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  15. It's nice that they decided to produce national copies rather than import them like Parlo used to do when she was with Warner Bros in the US. Now give us a cute collab and let's keep the disco party going.
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  16. Turns out Magic is still no 66 in the midweeks.
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  17. This isn’t a fan forum. Not everyone is going to like the album.
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  18. HMD


    Hey everybody! So, I have a colleague who is not into Kylie at all (he dislikes All The Lovers and I Believe In You, so that's that). To my surprise, he loved DISCO on first listen, and asked me to make a brief Kylie playlist with a discoey vibe to get to know her better. What do you think of the following tracklist?

    Real Groove
    in Your Eyes
    Dance Floor Darling
    Burning Up
    Light Years
    Disco Down
    Miss a Thing
    I Love It
    More More More
    Like a Drug
    Spinning Around
    Love Affair
    Cherry Bomb
  19. It’s true to say that Say Something really is something special and an example of her trying something different and absolutely soaring. I absolutely love Disco but I would love to see her try something a bit different next time. I think she has impeccable taste and skills as a song writer. Hopefully the last two albums huge success bolsters her confidence to push things further.
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  20. Amazing news about the US debut for Disco!
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