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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Spotlight connected with me yesterday. I am really liking the more subtle disco songs.
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  2. Miss a thing is my favourite. What a sexy slinky number.
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  3. Yes, please. Magic is a cute album opener, but it's a bit limp in live performance. It would be fun to see her perform something with a bit more attitude, too, and Real Groove fits that mandate, too.
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  4. I can't get the "dancing with somebody" hook from Real Groove out of my head.
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  5. I was checking out one of the samples on Neon Nights the other day, "Thighs High" by Tom Browne, which is part of "Mighty Fine". And as I was listening I found myself humming the melody from "Spotlight".
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  6. Great bit of promo that.
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  7. The glow in the dark vinyl is no 1 on Amazon at the moment. Her reign as vinyl queen isn’t showing any signs of letting up.
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  8. Disco Darling is consuming me today. Can't stop listening and pretending to be part of that Infinite Disco performance.
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  9. Fine wine really needs to be used in an advert for her wine range. Kylie painting the town red, ordering her wine at a bar. "Take a sip of Kylie's Fine Wine selection, it's all on her..."

    I keep hearing "B*tch be done" in Fine Wine in the bridge after the "break that back go high to low" lyric.

    (I know it's "ichi ni san", but Kylie swearing makes me laugh..)
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  10. Where are you?
  11. HMD


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  12. That’s weird. I got mine last Thursday!
  13. I’m in California waiting on a Townsend signed CD and a Chalky’s CD with a signed print (although I thought I saw someone post on here saying that the print is UK-exclusive?).
  14. HMD


    That’s making me panic then...
  15. I'm waiting on both of those as well here in Ontario Canada. The listing for the Chalky's CD with the signed print changed to say it was UK exclusive the day after I bought it, but there is nowhere on my order that says anything about that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will honour it but it still hasn't even shipped yet.
  16. I contacted them about this (I'm not in the UK either) and they told me it'd still include the print!
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  17. You never received a notice? Correos never does an effort to actually deliver the parcels to me. Maybe call your office to check? And then send a mail to Townsend
  18. Chalkys have changed their shipping from free worldwide to “we no longer ship to the US” ddd. I’m wondering if they’d just end up cancelling all the non-UK orders for Kylie since it’s been a week and I still haven’t got a dispatch notification (despite the site saying they’d ship same day). Townsend did send me a shipping notice though!
  19. Does anyone have up to date midweek figures to give us an idea of how DISCO is performing?
  20. 13.7k at #5 so far, so should do 15k+ by tomorrow.
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