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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. That’s weird. I got mine last Thursday!
  2. I’m in California waiting on a Townsend signed CD and a Chalky’s CD with a signed print (although I thought I saw someone post on here saying that the print is UK-exclusive?).
  3. HMD


    That’s making me panic then...
  4. I'm waiting on both of those as well here in Ontario Canada. The listing for the Chalky's CD with the signed print changed to say it was UK exclusive the day after I bought it, but there is nowhere on my order that says anything about that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will honour it but it still hasn't even shipped yet.
  5. I contacted them about this (I'm not in the UK either) and they told me it'd still include the print!
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  6. You never received a notice? Correos never does an effort to actually deliver the parcels to me. Maybe call your office to check? And then send a mail to Townsend
  7. Chalkys have changed their shipping from free worldwide to “we no longer ship to the US” ddd. I’m wondering if they’d just end up cancelling all the non-UK orders for Kylie since it’s been a week and I still haven’t got a dispatch notification (despite the site saying they’d ship same day). Townsend did send me a shipping notice though!
  8. Does anyone have up to date midweek figures to give us an idea of how DISCO is performing?
  9. 13.7k at #5 so far, so should do 15k+ by tomorrow.
  10. That sounds really good! Do you have any idea what Golden did week 2 in comparison?
  11. Golden did 13,3K in its second week
  12. Magic is really that slowly melting its way into your brain song isn’t it? I started being indifferent now it’s a contender for my 2020 top 20. How.
  13. Glow in the dark Disco is sold out.
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  14. Was it 100% confirmed there wouldn't be a new video for Real Groove? I mean, I loved Infinite Disco, but that will be old news by the time it's an official third single.
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  15. I'm still waiting for my Say Something and Magic vinyls. Mess.
  16. I finally got my marble vinyl, still waiting for everything else. Anyway, not only is it not very marbled like most other have said, but it skips like crazy when I play it.
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  17. This fan art for Supernova is amazing. I’d love this to be a single and for it to be over the top.
  18. I love that they've made her look about nine feet tall.
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  19. Should've been the album cover.
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