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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This is only reason I would pay for Tidal...
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  2. Kylie DISCO is #2 on ARIA in its second week.

    Well done Kylie.
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  4. Disco went #1 on Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic albums (her first #1!). Sorry if this has been posted already but I was too excited not to post it.
  5. I read on Buzzjack that Say Something has now sold about 55,000 copies-and now outsold Giving You Up. I really do feel this and Magic will be sleeper hits over time.
  6. "...cos I'm a better dancer with yOOOOOOOUUUUU"

    Her higher vocals are so good on this album!!!
  7. Without a doubt, all round I just love her confidence this era. It's well, magic!
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  9. Normally I am in the "less is more" camp when ti comes to album art but I kinda love this fanmade one


    Also, this one really captures the joy of the album perfectly.

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  10. LOVE this one!
    I didn't do any of the previous ones, but I loved how easy you've made it.
    Also, it was really hard, as the three contenders for my 11 are all in danger of being slaughtered, and it was hard to pick one.
    I similarly chose to be extra (vicious) with the ones I disliked as it is quite likely they will end up being the top 3 of the rate, so I had to.
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  11. This one wins everything. Stun.
  12. Honestly I prefer that triple shot. Though I’ve liked pretty much all the imagery from this campaign. Even the actual cover ddd.
  13. This is the sort of coverlandia nonsense I normally hate, but I think the tacky Dazzler-ness of it actually works perfectly for this album.
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  14. Kylie going "can't get enough of this" at the end of I Love It is slowly becoming an album highlight.
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  15. Magic is the evergreen bop of this campaign and I’m:
    1. sickened
    2. shocked
    3. disgusted
    at the negative energy surrounding it. That Colbert performance in particular is just the essence of Kylie™. Let the sparkle in, girls!
  16. That triple shot is stunning.
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  17. I still love the cover we got for Disco, looks great on vinyl especially.
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  18. Hadn't listened to this in a couple days and it's like a fun friend dragging you out of your depression bed when you come back to it.
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