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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Black Friday edition is a glow in the dark version.

  2. So now that we’ve had a few weeks with this I have to say this is probably my favorite Kylie album as a whole since Aphrodite? It’s as deep as a puddle and I won't pretend otherwise but it's been the shot of serotonin to get me through the past few weeks especially with the US election drama and everything else going on. Say Something is of course the crown jewel here but even Magic has popped off for me since the album has been out and I am so in love with Supernova it's not even funny. Definite highlights for me are Say Something, Magic, Miss a Thing, Real Groove, Supernova, Dance Floor Darling, and Last Chance. Everything else is fun except I still am no fan of Celebrate You, the album should have stopped at Unstoppable or they could have easily switched it out with Till You Love Somebody.


    They should also throw Infinite Disco up on digital for Christmas!
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  3. The album is really full of small touches like this, which may not be immediately obvious, making the listening experience always fresh. I have not listened to Disco all week (after single handedly contributing 238974623 equivalent sales by streaming it to death on release week), I'm noticing now details in the production I completely missed at first.
  4. Brillant review and I couldn’t agree more! In this dark age, this album is all I needed to cheer up. Only positivity, full energy and LOVE. Kylie is the cure the world needs! Let’s spread the disco vibes!
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  5. It's definitely her most cohesive work since Aphrodite. I love that she's just making the music she wants to make, this isn't chasing trends.

    I also think 'Say Something' is the best song released this year and is up with her best work.
  6. I rate the songs from best to worst like so:

    - Fine Wine
    - Say Something, Supernova, Unstoppable, I Love It, Dancefloor Darling, Monday Blues
    - Miss a Thing, Real Groove, Celebrate You, Till You Love Somebody, Hey Lonely, Spotlight
    - Where Does The DJ Go, Last Chance


    - Magic

    And I had guessed before, it landed in my top 5 Kylie albums expanding it to a top 6, which at the moment looks like this:
    - Impossible Princes
    - Light Years
    - Disco
    - Aphrodite
    - Golden
    - Body Language
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  7. Did we discover who this Mary is that Kylie is singing about on “Celebrate You”?
    I’m thinking it could be a possible drag reference. I remember in Vanje’s season they were all calling each other “Mary” as a term of endearment. Wouldn’t surprise me if Kylie is a huge drag race fan.
  8. From Apple Music:
    “I’ve never written a song in the third person before. The character of Mary was born out of mumble-singing melodies. Mary is anyone and everyone who needs reassurance that we are enough and we're loved. The last part of the album has a pretty high BPM, so ‘Celebrate You’ is the wind-down. It’s last orders at the pub—all of the family’s there, and Auntie Mary’s had a few too many. I’ve introduced you to this stellar landscape, we’ve gone to supernova, but we’ve come back down to Earth. This is about heart and connection.”
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  9. Imagine if the next single involved hors d'oeuvres, hors d'oeuvres, serve and look at me.

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  10. Exactly my thoughts but I am OK with that, in fact I sometimes prefer it in escapism pop music.
  11. There are few albums recently I play again immediately after I finish. “Spotlight” ends and I just wanna start the whole album all over. This is addictive like sugar—makes me smile, and I need that right now.
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  12. Hi all. Been part of Popjustice (reading the page) since mid 2000s but finally got myself onboard and this is my first proper post. I love all music, especially cracking pop but love Indie, Dance, etc as well....but you just can't beat that feeling of a cracking pop song that you play on repeat (Cut To The Feeling! haha).

    So my first post I wanted to say how much I love this album. I liked the singles off Golden, Golden the actual track is my favourite, euphoric...was so pleased it was a single.

    Anyways, quoted this as I'm not disagreeing with the fact Real Groove is extremely popular but I think we have to take into account the 'press play' audience, which i'm guilty of. Which is where you just press play on the album, get a few songs in and then you leave or arrive at your destination so stop the album and then forget and do the same the next day! haha.

    Like I said I have been reading this forum for many years and read this thread since it's beginning and cant believe the dislike of the title track. I played Magic on repeat for weeks and weeks, nearly on par with Cut To The Feeling, it is genuinely, if not, my fave Kylie's just so uplifting.

    Really like Supanova...that's had a few skip backs when it comes on. Celebrate You is just sublime...I want that as a single at some point, but then I wanted Golden! haha. Those two tracks have had the 'repeat button' experience a few times.

    Every other track is very good and as an album I can play as a whole (on shuffle if I remember)..

    Negatives... on two weaker tracks for me are Unstoppable - the chorus feels jarring to listen to at points...the verses are great though. Monday Blues borderlines too cheesy, a bit like in Hair where Gaga is talking like she is at school. I don't skip these tracks but I could easily take them out. Also the production is great, I would have liked it to feel more 'Nile Rogers' disco, more standout riffs and proper disco, as it sounds disco pop for me. Maybe that's what they were going for.

    Anyways, sorry for my ramble, it's nice to finally Say Something! ;) Obvs these are my opinions but for me best album since Fever.
  13. First off, this is adorable and I’m so glad you used this as your intro! Kylie would approve.

    Second, digging deep into nerdness but the way there’s a Kylie gasp/hiccup sample reversed in the chorus of “Till You Love Somebody” is fantastic. Makes the track *chef’s kiss*
  14. Thank you. I feel like I've been invited to a celeb party as read a lot of names on here for YEARS!! haha. Isn't there a type of giggle in Supanova as well? As it always makes me jump, well not jump but a kinda recognition of something different in the production.
  15. It’s the little squiggles and hidden bits that make pop great for pop fans.
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  16. Welcome to the forum @BenApple81 and thanks for your lovely review-glad you're enjoying new Kylie, what an album!
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  17. Thank you, it's a bit like in Friends when Chandler is bet that he can't make a joke and then eventually cracks and spurts them all out...ahha. Well that's what I've been doing this morning, posting in threads where I have an opinion, or with bands/artists I love. Kylie got the first as I am loving her album the most! haha. Been in Mcflys, Harry over to Steps and then I'm done.

    I agree, cracking album. Previous albums I just liked the singles and didn't play album, this I play - and have played - in full many times.
  18. If I were to do a Disco ranking best to worst at this very moment, I would go like this:
    Celebrate You
    Dance Floor Darling
    Hey Lonely
    Last Chance
    Say Something
    Where Does The DJ Go?
    Real Groove
    I Love It
    Monday Blues
    Miss A Thing
    Till You Love Somebody
    Fine Wine
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  19. For me, what shows a true great album is when people disagree on the best tracks. Then you know that's its of good quality. If the album has the obvious 'stand out' tracks then it's normally falls into 'filler' bracket. But this album literally has everyone with different opinions about the best tracks! Kylie has done well.
  20. She certainly has.
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