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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. DISCO has received almost unanimous praise... hasn’t been written off at all. One of the best pop albums of 2020 and in fact her career!
  2. Ageed. She is performing on Graham Norton radio show and Jonathan Ross on Saturday!
  3. Do we know if more videos have been shot? I know it was said the Infinite Disco performance of Real Groove was gonna be the official video for it but I don’t think that was ever confirmed for sure. Hopefully a remix or two are coming and maybe another vinyl release like with Magic and Say Something? We also need to get Dance Floor Darling and Supernova as the other singles from this project.
  4. Perhaps a re-edit of the Infinite Disco video would work as the staging and choreography for Real Groove were really good.

    In one of the Infinite Disco behind the scenes there were different camera angles so it wouldn’t be hard to do.
  5. He was one of the co-writers on "Can't Beat The Feeling," but I don't think that he has ever produced anything for her, which is a shame because a collaboration between the two would've made so much sense during Body Language.

    Edit: Looks like @W2K beat me to it.
  6. I honestly wish that we'd just bypassed "Magic" entirely and gotten "Real Groove" as the second single. Fingers crossed that Sophie Muller won't be directing its music video though. Literally anyone but her, please and thank you.
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  7. Bringing this shite idea back up again during the video chat to say that if we were to get a Dua remix, then could we please stick her in the gold hot pants thanks. Give me likes, girls.
  8. In that case, get these two together.
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  9. We're small in number, but Unstoppable truthers are here, amongst you!
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  10. He plays the wild keyboards at the end of the song. Kylie supposedly said in an interview that they have worked together.
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  11. Album is #14 on the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry) chart this week in its third week in, down from #2 last week and #1 the week before.
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  12. Uno


    I’m not a bad fan of Real Groove being the next single, but I honestly do feel like if it gets everything just right (video, big performance) it could put her back in the top 20 and maybe some regular radio rotation.
  13. Monday Blues for next single, please and thank you.
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  14. Mine too, despite the cardboard envelope being bent and creased, it was pristine inside.
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  15. Impossible Princess
    Aphrodite / DISCO / Fever / Rhythm Of Love
    Kylie Minogue / Light Years / X / Let's Get To It
    Body Language / Kiss Me Once / Enjoy Yourself / Kylie
    Kylie Christmas
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  16. I love Body Language and enjoy Aphrodite (I also love some songs on X although it doesn't work well as an entire body of work) but I would agree this is true.
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  17. Although DISCO doesn't have the highs of some of her other albums, almost every song on it is really good, which makes it one of her best overall. It's probably it my top 3 right now, after Fever and X.
  18. I know it's a successful album and every track should be a single, but I think she's too fast ! Like Real Groove is the 4th single off the album ! How many singles could she release ? Especially if she wants to tour this album, thst is not gonna happen before 2022...
  19. She's not too fast at all for 2020 standards, she's possibly not fast enough actually. There is absolutely no reason to wait when the previous song isn't doing anything anymore.
  20. Real Groove will be the 3rd single from the album, I Love It was an instant grat. She needs a new single now to get to Radio 2 and that she can perform on TV to get those Christmas sales.
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