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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Dance Floor Darling please!
  2. With a big stonking extended disco 12" mix that makes the most of the 'fast' bit!
  3. Yes.
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  4. I bet it's 'Miss A Thing'.
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  5. They're two very different pop stars but I agree I think Kylie's taste level is better.

    Anyone else notice the Kylie Christmas full concert upload to Youtube has been taken down? Although Infinite Disco full show is still available.
  6. It's definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album but I'm not sure it'll be a single since I guess it's hard to recreate that vocal in a live performance.
    If Miss A Thing is gonna be a single I will have to cackle though because that would mean she chose to ignore all of the bazillion Sky Adams tracks.
  7. I would have my money on it NOT being Miss A Thing. Because it's not far removed from Magic and Real Groove, so why release another song to promote the album that sounds similar to the other singles? It's not like they reached no.1.

    To round off the Golden campaign they released a ballad and I'd imagine they would do something different with Disco to show the diversity that exists on the album. So I'd say it'd be Supernova or Dancefloor Darling.
  8. Till You Love Somebody should be the last single.
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  9. I'm surprised that they didn't go with Celebrate You, it sounds like a November/December single, I think with some TV appearances it might have gone down well.
  10. Very merry/Mary, too!
  11. Her next single will be Kids (At The Disco), a reworking with Lewis Capaldi. It's for the the new Disco Deluxe for the new year. Lewis wears the hotpants in the video, so it's gonna be amazing. 2020 is saved.
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  12. OK. Serve us that Disco revival. The potential double nostalgia
  13. Can so see this being single #4.
  14. I think Miss A Thing would have been on Infinite Disco if it were to be a single, I love it but it feels more like an strong album track to me, reminds me of More, More, More on Fever...I think Supernova, Last Chance, Dance floor Darling and Where Does the DJ go? are much stronger choices in my opinion.
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  15. What a song.
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  16. “Miss a Thing” is one of my favorites, but I think there are better single choices showcasing more of the album’s sound. “Dance Floor Darling” is right there.
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  17. Miss A Thing being a single would be weird considering she didn’t even give it the time of day for Infinite Disco, I love it but don’t see it happening. I’d expect Dance Floor Darling since it’s her favorite she’s went on about this whole time.
  18. Last Chance needs to be a single if we’re all being honest.
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  19. Disco is #15 on the Australian ARIA charts today, down only slightly from #14 last week. This is its fourth week in the charts.
  20. Media traffic global chart
    by Kylie Minogue, sales after 3 weeks : 211’000
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