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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Oh yes please.
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  2. Got the same response about the CD + signed print. Keeping my fingers crossed but its not looking good.

    That being said however, I ordered the signed CD from Townsend on November 11th (a day after my order from Chalky's) and that only just arrived on Thursday.
  3. Followed by the Infinite Disco Tour. I would like to see it.
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  4. My only wish for this era is that the remixes of the singles were more like a Madonna roll out where we get countless remixes released within an EP...I would have loved some more remixes of Magic and Say Something. Maybe she is gonna do a Dua and re release Disco as a remix album next year.
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  5. Well I never mentioned about Australia getting the only dates, so I'd love to know where y'all read that. Just that when the tour does happen. she could start it here first since we're further along with COVID than the UK. So.
  6. But the hypothetical tour wouldn’t be happening for a year or so anyway so most places would be a lot further along with COVID so it’s starting point wouldn’t need to be defined in such a way anyway?
  7. The last tour that Kylie started in Australia was Intimate & Live, so it's highly unlikely that the Disco tour will start in Australia. Unfortunately, Australia is generally the last country that Kylie visits when touring.
  8. I wonder if that's because she likes saving her home country for last?
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  9. I stopped using Chalkys earlier this year because a few CDs that they were adamant they’d despatched never arrived. They tried to push the blame onto the postal system but I order quite a lot of physical music and it seemed odd how it was only stuff from them that would get lost in the system. To be fair they were good at refunding but I lost faith in them despite them being competitive with Amazon, which is a shame because I would sooner support a small business rather than line Bezos’ pockets even further. They’re on Amazon marketplace and their ratings and customer comments are pretty damning.
  10. I'm rather thankful my print arived rather quickly more than ever now.
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  11. The last tour that started in Australia was Homecoming, actually. And was meant to be an Australian only tour, but then the UK pushed and pushed and got shows added.

    Okay yes, my random thought during my day is wrong. I get it, I don't need more people telling me that.
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  12. Homecoming was essentially an extension of the Showgirl Tour, hence why I didn't include it.
  13. The instrumental picking up pace in the Dance Floor Darling bridge may be one of my favourite music moments of the year.
  14. It's perfection.
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  15. Anybody still after a blue DISCO, my local record shop has 1 left.
  16. I am so glad I nabbed that and the Turquoise vinyl now, didn't think they'd sell out so soon.
  17. I've ordered the calendar from her store and it says "Fulfilled" so does that mean it's been shipped?
  18. That's always the narrative of touring companies, "due to popular demand". I'm sure they had every intention of taking it to the UK.
  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    What we aren’t going to do is turn this thread into a pissing contest between contemporaries for no reason.
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  20. Did you delete posts, or am I being completely obtuse and failing to see the discussion?
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