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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Happy birthday!
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  2. Yeah I hated it at first, like viscerally, but to be honest it's pure ridiculous fun. Not to be taken seriously or thought about at all. Just bop!
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  3. 'Monday Blues' is pure, cheesy, feelgood pop and Kylie can always deliver that. Mash it with 'Koocachoo' on the next tour.

    Also, Happy Birthday @Celestial Mosaic!
  4. Thanks dolls xx <3
  6. Why, not think about it seriously? It still wins. The most consistently upbeat track, it keeps on building all the way through in terms of energy and scope, one of the most detailed pieces production-wise and one of the most varied in terms of structure, it manages to be a pure joy without sounding momsy like Absolutely Anything or baby-like like Wow, and it is cute for conflating the eagerness for the weekend with the eagerness to see a loved one which is also excellent subject matter for its tone sonically. It is literally perfect.
    edit: ...In my opinion.
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  7. Monday Blues has definitely grown on me a lot. Magic and I Love It can rot, though, although the ending adlibs in the latter song are lovely ("can't get enough of this!")
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  8. It's fabulous isn't it. Any Kylie song with that sort of vocal gets hate no matter how good it is, but the vocal is actually good and the song is excellent. It deserves its place in the DISCO bop-fest.
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  9. Kylie needs to go on the new Netflix programme Song Exploder. When I read the premise of the show it sounds like something see needs to get involved in, and to talk about the making of Say Something.
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  10. Not this again!
  11. That would be great. I love Song Exploder.
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  12. Up a couple of spots in the midweeks. I'm thrilled the album is still selling well 6 weeks on!
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  13. I saw a primetime ad for the album on Sunday night too.
  14. That sounds amazing!
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  15. RRS


    Yes I would really love one too, the first two are brilliant and they both helped get an ok position in the charts which helps to get the single noticed and you never know might get on the radio!
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  16. I'm a bit disappointed at how fast I got bored with the album. It's full of great songs but I have less and less desire to listen to Disco.
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  17. Fab news! This album is doing so good.
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  18. That's sad. Maybe have a break and come back. It seems you are in the minority though, which is excellent.
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  19. I wonder if Kylie is going to make a special guest judge appearance on UK's Drag Race this second season.

    They really need to do a "1000 Nights of Kylie" runway.
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