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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Kylie needs to go on the new Netflix programme Song Exploder. When I read the premise of the show it sounds like something see needs to get involved in, and to talk about the making of Say Something.
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  2. Not this again!
  3. That would be great. I love Song Exploder.
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  4. Up a couple of spots in the midweeks. I'm thrilled the album is still selling well 6 weeks on!
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  5. I saw a primetime ad for the album on Sunday night too.
  6. That sounds amazing!
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  7. RRS


    Yes I would really love one too, the first two are brilliant and they both helped get an ok position in the charts which helps to get the single noticed and you never know might get on the radio!
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  8. I'm a bit disappointed at how fast I got bored with the album. It's full of great songs but I have less and less desire to listen to Disco.
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  9. Fab news! This album is doing so good.
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  10. That's sad. Maybe have a break and come back. It seems you are in the minority though, which is excellent.
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  11. I wonder if Kylie is going to make a special guest judge appearance on UK's Drag Race this second season.

    They really need to do a "1000 Nights of Kylie" runway.
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  12. It baffles me that she hasn’t appeared on the show not even once and her only lip sync song has been one of her (in my opinion) worst singles in recent years. Honestly even album tracks would’ve been a better fit.
  13. There really is no excuse for her not to be on UK Drag Race. So I'm hopeful she's on season 2, especially after season 1 was a hit. I can understand why she hasn't been on the US version as I don't think she's there much.
  14. Uno


    I’d rather her on US Drag Race - y’all UK folk hog her enough as is!
  15. She was asked about appearing on drag race in a recent interview and said she'd love to appear but it's just never happened, sadly it sounded like she's definitely not in the new series.
  16. I think she was in LA when they filmed AS3 but maybe she was busy. Anyway, fingers crossed.
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  18. Lindsay Logan sending her heart emojis on this post though... squeal!

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  19. Lindsay Logan...


    (I assume you mean Lindsay Lohan)
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  20. Hey Lohan, what you doin’ for the rest of your life?


    ‘Cause I just wanna give you my love
    Hey Lohan, what you doin' for the rest of the night?
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