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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I really love this album.

    I did read some reviews that made me kind of sad. I hope people aren't using this album to dump on Golden all of a sudden.
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  2. Oh, bb. We didn't need DISCO to do that.
  3. I thought people liked Golden. I did. When did the tide change?

    Supernova is probably my favorite, but that's subject to change.
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  4. do you believe in magic???

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  5. People seem to either really love Golden or find it... lacking. I don't think there was ever really a tide change?
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  6. W2K


    Matias is insanely talented. Love this.
  7. Golden has always been divisive. It's sad, as lyrically it's Kylie's most personal work since Impossible Princess.
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  8. I still adore Golden. It was the reboot she needed after the last few Parlo years. I always love DISCO though it wasn’t as immediate for me - it was certainly very rewarding once it clicked.
  9. Golden led to Disco...she got her groove back on Golden, albeit a country groove...
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  10. Golden is great lyrically, but its production lets it down. It doesn't help that almost half of the tracks sound exactly the same.
  11. I think Golden was incredibly divisive amongst her hardcore fan base, but less so amongst the GP who liked Dancing and bought the album as a result. It was a really good move to get them back on board, and then release Disco which has the potential to appeal to both groups. I love Golden, but I totally understand criticisms around lazy production, I mean they didn’t even bother fixing a mastering error on the second single.
  12. Which error?
  13. There’s a blip when she sings “one kiss” on the second verse.
  14. Now you guys made me wanna listen to Golden again. Dancing, Stop Me From Falling, Shelby '68, Raining Glitter, Music's Too Sad Without You and Lost Without You are all amazing. DISCO is the better album but Golden is pretty good too.
  15. There are some really good songs on Golden. Many of them sound like demos though. Or maybe that's intentional. I know very little about Nashville and country music.
  16. The production on Golden is fine. It has it's moments where it feels cluttered and tinny, but so does Disco. Neither of them are perfectly produced.
    Fans just dump on Golden because there are some guitar and banjo twangs and Kylie wore Cowboy boots. It's a straight forward pop record with some Country elements, the same as Disco is a straight forward pop album with Disco elements
  17. conclusion, Kiss Me Once is superior to both Disco and Golden.
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  18. I'd say she got her voice back on Golden and got her groove back on Disco.
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  19. Hot take:

    Kiss me Once was great, as great as Golden and Disco, it was just released at a time where vinyl hadn't really took off, Kylie wasn't hungry and buying multiple formats of the same release only became a thing the past few years. If it had the same treatment as a release it would have sold 70,000 first week and be considered a classic / great album.
  20. Kiss Me Once was immaculately produced. I'll give it that. Also, its songs were a lot stronger than her later material.
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