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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. I like all three albums but would have to rank Golden at the bottom just because I do understand the issues that are brought up all the time in regards to the production end of things but on the other hand, it still contains some classic Kylie tracks and I will never get over how perfect Radio On and Shelby 68 are sandwiched together on the tracklist.
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  2. I like Kiss Me Once, but it spent a total of 5 weeks in the top 40, which is probably a better judge of popularity, it had no staying power. Multiple formats really only impact the first weeks sales, so it may have opened with higher numbers but it would have still dropped down quickly. Disco has already spent 5 weeks in the top 20.
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  3. Kiss me Once was an album that felt like nobody tried. The songs were watered down Kylie by numbers tracks that lacked the usual life and fun of her music. Only a few songs felt fresh. Kylie seemed over it for most of the era, Parlophone had NO idea how to promote or sell her in the streaming age and the public were a bit bored of her too and not enjoying the look or sound of the era.

    If she had stuck to the sound that she wanted to in the early stages and gone a bit more gritty and electro then it might have been different. I don't know if the public would be there but I think Kylie would feel more energized and that win more people over.
  4. General thread, y'all. General thread.

  5. Hmm maybe you have a point, maybe the market was more saturated back then?
  6. Every track on Disco has now been streamed more than a million times. For comparison,Low Blow from Golden still hasn’t got there. Although Say Something still has quite a way to go to match Dancing’s 29m streams

    Magic (single) - 2.901,008 (+18,403)

    Magic - 6.073,209 (+73,799)
    Miss A Thing - 2.968,160 (+33,283)
    Real Groove - 4.324,076 (+55,903)
    Monday Blues - 1.931,893 (+17,350)
    Supernova - 2.113,063 (+20,484)
    Say Something - 12.753,918 (+62,195)
    Last Chance - 1.836,520 (+16,981)
    I Love It - 3.226,435 (+26,394)
    Where Does The DJ Go? - 1.807,672 (+17,026)
    Dance Floor Darling - 1.707,353 (+16,246)
    Unstoppable - 1.314,326 (+10,847)
    Celebrate You - 1.362,463 (+12,398)

    Till You Love Somebody - 1.185,128 (+9,997)
    Fine Wine - 1.153,934 (+9,992)
    Hey Lonely - 1.085,454 (+9,209)
    Spotlight - 1.001,271 (+8,630)
  7. Truth. Her Real Groove.
  8. My CD + Signed Print from Chalky's finally arrived today....bent in half. I'm fuming. I know there have been a few members who's prints were damaged as well, was Chalky's able to do anything about it?

    Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 6.15.15 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 6.15.05 PM.png
  9. I emailed and received brand new prints
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  10. Thats good to hear! I hope they still have some left!
  11. Ouch. Hurts to even see it let alone be its recipient. Hope you get that sorted out.
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  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Dd this is the tea right here.
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  13. I didn’t see these posted.
  14. Oh boy this is a jam.
  15. DISCO is one of GQ's albums of the year:

  16. Chalky's staff readying the signed prints:

    Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 2.01.36 PM.png
  17. My signed CD arrived today and it has even got a heart sign!
  18. I mean, almost everyone got a heart on the signed stuff didn't they? Although yours looks more like an actual heart, so there's that.
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  19. My boyfriend got a heart on his signed copy & I didn’t. I was more pressed than I should have been.
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  20. I got a heart and a kiss. I guess love stopped being love and did indeed end after the first few thousand copies she signed.
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