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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I've got signature, a kiss and what I am going to pretend is the Kylie K logo.

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  2. I only got "Kylie x", guess she read my posts shading the album ddd.
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  3. Uno


    We love to see it!

    How long did it take Golden to reach Gold certification?
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  4. Brilliant news! In a very short space of time too. Doubly good news that.
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  5. About three and a half months (it was certified on 20th July 2018).
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  6. I got a "Kylie X" cause she obv knows it's my favourite era
  7. Disco stable at no 19, 6th week in the top 20.
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  8. Wow, she’s really holding on with this album. Very happy for her!
  9. Holding up great!
  10. Just click the link below and Vote!
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  11. This feels so on point to me...
  12. Masterclass is a bit much but I guess?

    Already not here for this 'Golden sucked!' narrative this seems to be emphasizing. Cause as an album, Golden is absolutely superior.
  13. Can we not. All DISCO did was crystallize exactly why those of us who didn't like Golden very much... didn't like it very much. This isn't a new narrative. It's not like we're suddenly dragging Golden only because DISCO is better.*

    *Even though it is ddd
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  14. Golden is no worse than “fine” to me, but DISCO is stronger as a unit.
  15. It’s sort of a gag how this is doing better than Golden and it didn’t do terribly either to begin with.

    I so need a tour for this album or she could just do a big ass live show extravaganza again on the scale of what the tour would be.
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  16. I don't think 'Disco' would taste quite as sweet if it wasn't coming off the heels of 'Golden'. Although 'Disco' is the far superior record to me, 'Golden' was a necessary reset. I enjoy when Kylie pulls back the curtains a little as she doesn't always write about her own experiences and having an album that felt so sincere - even beyond the breakup narrative, like the nod to her father in 'Shelby '68' - was a real palette cleanser after 'Kiss Me Once'. The one-two punch of the general public responding to a new album with a new sound and then a few months spent appreciating her legacy with 'Step Back In Time'/Glastonbury was vindicating, but it feels like 'Disco' is even more celebratory. This is Kylie doing what she does better than anybody else, joyous and life-affirming three-and-a-half minute bursts of pop.

  17. Both Golden and Disco, are great, enjoyable and important Kylie albums I think.
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