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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Kylie herself has said Golden was the big turning point for her. After the disconnect with Kiss Me Once, she wanted to put her all into the writing of Golden and if it wasn't a success she would take a step back from music.

    Golden was/is a great album, yes it has some mixing issues and yes it divided fans but it won over the general public and was a huge success commercially and personally for Kylie.

    DISCO though is the sound of Kylie enjoying herself freely in the music and I think that's the big difference.
  2. Sums it all up rather well this post I think.
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  3. Disco a masterclass in sequencing... It has the three most lowkey tracks on the album back to back at the start, and there is literally no transition from Supernova to Say Something, it flows like...the start of a different album. Like, it's not terrible by any means, it mostly gets the job done. I still think her best in terms of sequencing must have been Kiss Me Once, but that may have been in part due to not many songs being particularly bold so there was much less of a risk of anything sticking out as an odd track.
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  4. I think if you move Monday Blues further back into the album, the sequencing of the first half makes more sense.
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  5. I made Celebrate You as the finale on the album, the deluxe that is. Suits it much better as the closer than Spotlight.
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  6. I think it’s more to do with the current environment. Kylie doing disco is just so right in 2020.
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  7. Kylie on Strictly tonight would have been perfection. As it is, they have Robbie Williams. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all!!
  8. Lurker here, so not sure how much interest will be paid to my (current) version of DISCO. It will change as long as the campaign keeps going, of course, but for my 49-year old ears, some songs are just a bit too energetic (had the same issue with Golden). Hi everyone! I've been watching you:-) ...'Where Does the DJ Go' has been slowed down to 90% of its speed...
  9. Welcome to the forum!
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  10. Nonstop promotions are shit, I don't know who twisted kylie's arm to sign with them
  11. Completely opposite opinion for me. Disco feels from start to finish like a whole piece (talking about the standard version). Considering the album is about carefree escapism, it’s not a hard message to deliver through the sequencing but still, it totally nails it. It eases you in with the first two tracks and eases you out with the last two. The rest is a relentless, euphoric rush with a breather in the middle. The first half is also more modern while the second half more retro. It makes sense. Yes the low-key tracks aren’t scattered across the album but that choice has a purpose.

    The sequencing in KMO (which has more to do with the tracks themselves) does nothing to give the album a clear identity. It’s like that villain from the fourth season of Buffy, made out of robot, human and demon parts. It’s just a mix of things that all together, in that order, don’t make the album do anything. Feels So Good following Sexercize is one of her worst pairings in an album (talk about no transition). Fine following Beautiful makes sense at the end and honestly that’s all the positives I can think of when it comes to track placement.
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  12. So where’s the cheapest place to snag the Japanese edition?
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  13. This says nothing about the flow from one track to the next one, which is just bad in places, or of the dynamics of the album that similarly just come to a halt in those same spots. I understand you may feel differently about those as well, but I thought I should reiterate as you said nothing about those aspects of the sequencing. If we just talk about the idea of what makes sense as an intro, main body and outro, then yes, it is sequenced just fine, much like most other albums, in my opinion. It is a pretty rare case where you cannot see why an artist chose the opener and closing track for their album or why the ballads are where they are etc. Doesn't mean it flows well.
  14. I almost never play an album in chronological order so all these issues with flow go right over me. I just press shuffle and enjoy the ride.
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  15. Miss A Thing not being the opening track is just baffling to me. It would be perfect, especially with that cute little intro and build-up. Plus it's not too "in your face", instead it has that promising, slightly understated kind of energy that really gets your interest and makes you want to hear the rest of the album (regardless of the fact that, to me, the album doesn't/didn't meet those expectations). Magic as track number one just doesn't make any sense (again regardless of the fact that I just don't think it's a particularly good song).
  16. I just noticed that the way Miss A Thing does begin, would indeed make a great opener. A bit like More, More, More was a great if subtle opener to Fever and how Still Standing should have led Body Language and not Slow.
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  17. It’s unlikely, but imagine if she opened the tour with Miss a Thing.
  18. I wonder what album tracks would make it live on a tour for Disco?
  19. My only issue with the sequencing is 'I Love It' killing the buzz after 'Last Chance'. But then I look over the whole album and I can say I enjoy the whole thing.
  20. Different ears I guess. I think the only moment that’s striking in terms of one track to the other is what Say Something is sandwiched between. But even with Supernova and Say Something they fit thematically together. Also, I personally like a couple of turning points in a tracklist, as long as they’re not too random. Maybe we have different interpretations/preferences on what “flows” means when it comes to sequencing. Like KMO for example has some really jarring choices like “Sexercize-Feels So Good” and “If Only-Les Sex-Kiss Me Once”.
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