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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. If you were to remove it entirely, yes.
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  2. No ❤️
  3. The transition into Sexercize bothers me too, but more on paper than in practice. It is not really striking or different enough production-wise to ruin the flow for me, it is more that thematically it doesn't really fit (in its place or on the album...). But, yeah, I don't think that is as important, so maybe that's another difference in how we hear it (or the same difference you are trying to point out, not sure, ddd). In reverse I don't think the thematic coherence excuses the Supernova-Say Something transition. Perhaps what bothers me most about it is that, indeed, up to that point the tracklist keeps building and building and then it feels like too big a drop. Which is what I meant when I mentioned dynamics: if she had built a tracklist where every transition was like the Supernova - Say Something transition it wouldn't stick out as something that sounds off. Ironically my playlist starts with Say Something - Supernova, ddd.
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  4. Discussions about changing the tracklist are very 2010.
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  5. I wish so!
    Opportunity to bring up my tweaked Infinite Disco tracklist from a few weeks ago, as an illustration of how I could see that going...:
    I don't think Kylie would have an issue with the song not sounding the same live. She has done it for other tracks like Giving You Up before and it worked well enough!
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  6. Y’all do too much on Miss Monday Blues. Does it remind me of a b-side from X which was actually recorded for Body Language? Why yes it does but ever since the Infinite Disco performance it has worked its way into my cold heart and become one of my favorites.
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  7. I don't mind Monday Blues either-the song that is, not actual Mondays.
  8. I saw these figures on Buzzjack and thought it was really interesting/exciting:

    'DISCO' week-by-week sales:

    19/11/2020 01 54,905 (+ 14 copies pre-release)
    26/11/2020 05 15,183
    03/12/2020 10 8,885
    10/12/2020 07 10,903
    17/12/2020 19 8,267
    24/12/2020 19 6,717

    Total: 104,874

    'Golden' for comparison:

    19/04/2018 01 48,032 (+ 11 copies sold pre-release)
    26/04/2018 04 13,319
    03/05/2018 06 8,819
    10/05/2018 10 5,697
    17/05/2018 13 4,415
    24/05/2018 13 3,634

    Total: 83,927

    So DISCO is well over 20k ahead of Golden at the same point.
  9. That's what we call growth.
  10. That’s what we call Q4 yes growth!
  11. And it’s impressive because the market is shrinking...
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  12. #42 on the ARIA (Australia) Top 50 in its sixth week. Might be about to drop out :-/
  13. My calendar has arrived's shit.
    It feels so poor quality compared to her usual ones. Plus all the pictures are blurry and out of focus, with weird filters added on top. A complete waste of money. It's like they took small images and blew them up. It came in a flimsy paper envelope too.

    The cheapo one I made myself on Photobox is so superior in every way and I only had the images I could find online (of random male celebs, not Kylie)

    I get there's a pandemic but it's not like there is a shortage of imagery or time in which to get it done. I'd rather they'd not bothered.
  14. Certainly doing very, very well.
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  15. Weeks 4, 5 and 6 almost being double sales each compared to Golden are quite impressive
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  16. Great review but I think the quote almost does the album and Kylie a disservice. There was plenty of potential for a Kylie disco album to be dreadful or at best average. But she absolutely nailed it.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Monday Blues is basically a 2020 version of Do It Again

    And she's selling tickets to another showing of Infinite Disco next week.
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  18. I was concerned it was going to be an album of 100 Degrees.
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