Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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This is interesting and impressive, but also worth bearing in mind that after its first six weeks Golden had the entire Q4 and Christmas period to look forward to - Disco has mostly used that up now and will slow down a lot in Jan. So in the end they'll probably sell about the same. Unless there's a reissue...

Plus Golden had a tour a few months later. Shame, but I hope DISCO has more to come.
Is Magic doing anything anywhere at the moment? It’s consistently getting 100,000 Spotify streams a day despite being off the radio 2 playlist since the beginning of November and not being performed anywhere. I don’t think it’s on any playlists either.
he / him
Monday Blues is basically a 2020 version of Do It Again

And she's selling tickets to another showing of Infinite Disco next week.

As one of the more vocal "Monday Blues" haters, I will also say that "Do It Again" was my least favorite "Wow" b-side.

And I just checked and I'm glad to see that someone managed to get that full upload of Infinite Disco on YouTube removed finally after weeks of it being up.
So after 6 weeks, Disco has inched its way into my Top 2 Kylie albums, I really do think over time this may very well end up becoming my favorite, I gave it a rest after playing it to death in the first few weeks, so going back to it was a real treat.

This album is really doing for me what it set out to do in the first place, it genuinely kicked me up the arse and out of the downer I've been in these last few weeks.
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