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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. The girls at that spa:
    - yes yes Kylie pic is only for us, not for social media!!

    The spa gay:

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  2. Disco is at #45 in its seventh week on the ARIA (Australia) chart, down only slightly from #42 last week. I wonder if it will rise once all the Christmas albums are out of the chart.

    Regarding the pitchforks, only a few airlines are flying to Australia right now. (Australia has greatly restricted travel.) Etihad and Qatar are two of them, so most flights are going through the Middle East. Flights are few and connections are very poor, so I can easily imagine Kylie needing to do an overnight stay in Dubai and deciding to stay at the airport hotel (instead of napping on floor like I did).

    You can see she looks tired in the photo. It took me about 35 hours when I did the trip.
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  3. I am sure Carol and Ron will be excited to see her, it's been a long year.
  4. I'd assume she's flying to Australia and is mid-stop. If she had something to hide then she wouldn't have posed for the photo.
  5. The responses here about her travelling are dramatic and hilarious. ‘Not a good look’. Oh please! Travelling for work is fully legal and allowed from whatever tier. Go and read the rules.
  6. Good to see Disco getting yet more reconigtion.
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  7. Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa - Real Groove (Studio 2054 Remix) / 2020.12.31
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  8. Wait what?
  9. This better end up with us getting a vinyl release.
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  10. aux


    One of the insiders from ATRL / Twitter is reporting it. They're incredibly messy in general, but their tea is pretty reliable. They're also saying the song is 4:22 long. They're private on Twitter, but here's a screenshot.

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  11. Real Groove already feels longer than it is at like 3:15 so curious to see how they've added a whole minute to it. Maybe extended instrumental intro/outro?
  12. Maybe Jazzi P is back for round two.
  13. God exists and she’s real.
  14. Beefed up to 4:22, I’m perched for this.
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  15. “Real groove, I saw you dancin with somebody saw you move...”

    It writes itself really
  16. Dua could also tack this on her complete edition of Future Nostalgia whenever it is out and I will gladly buy yet another copy of the album.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Hopefully this means all of Studio 2054 is getting a solid release?? I plant the seed etc.
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  18. All this Dua collab stuff seems too fanfic for me at the moment. I'll wait and see if we get anything official before getting my hopes up.
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